How to Fix the Better Discord Not Working Error

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If you’re receiving the Better Discord not working error there are a few easy steps you can take. Reload the application. This won’t close the primary app but reloads the page’s content. To do this press Ctrl + R on Windows or Cmd + R on macOS. If none of these steps work try quitting and restarting the Better Discord application.

Changing system language fixes Better Discord not working

Having problems with Better Discord? You are not alone. A wide range of users have reported problems using this third-party application. There are several possible reasons for the problem and each one has a fix. This article explains what to do if the problem continues. Changing your system language may also be a solution. However keep in mind that changing your system language may not be the easiest fix.

Changing the system language of your operating system may also fix the problem. This will allow your system to recalibrate the application’s design settings. Be aware that changing your system language may cause the application to appear blank for a moment. If that does not solve your problem try reinstalling the Better Discord application using the installer. The next time you encounter this issue make sure to change your language.

Uninstalling customized add-ons

Better Discord can cause trouble for users if it won’t load or function correctly. This application is necessary for changing your Discord background and installing custom plugins and themes. The problem may occur when the application fails to start because of a minor programming issue. If this happens to you uninstall the customized add-on and reinstall the application. Then restart your Discord app and you’ll find your customized add-ons working normally again.

If your customized add-ons are causing your discord to behave weirdly you may need to uninstall them. This is very easy to do – just copy them to a new folder and restart your PC. This process should get rid of the problem completely. You may also want to restore your customized themes and plugins so that you can install the Better Discord installer again. Just follow the instructions provided in the tutorial to install the new version.

Resetting WiFi router

If you’re experiencing problems connecting to the internet or Better Discord it’s likely that your WiFi router needs a reboot. This simple procedure will restore your internet connection and will also solve any Better Discord connection problems you’re currently having. In some cases you can also troubleshoot your internet connection by whitelisting Discord in your firewall. These are just a few of the ways to resolve Better Discord connection problems.

If the problem persists you can try resetting your WiFi router. If you’re experiencing No Route errors you may be using a highly-protective antivirus package. If this is the case simply disable your antivirus and restart your router. After rebooting Discord should connect to voice channels again. Otherwise you’ll need to download the Discord app and reinstall it. In this way you’ll be able to fix the No Route error.

Reinstalling Better Discord

If you’re having trouble with the appearance of Better Discord you may need to reinstall it. It’s likely that you’ve changed your language and this has affected the appearance of the application. Reinstalling the application will fix the appearance issue and will also help you get back to using the theme. To do this go to the User Settings menu and select App Settings and Language. Then restart Discord and check whether the theme is working again.

In some cases the problem is caused by downloading the wrong version of the app. The application might have been corrupted or skipped during the downloading process. Once you’ve retrieved all of the files needed for the installation process you can uninstall the application. This will restore the original download of the application. However be careful about which version you download. Reinstalling Better Discord is not always an easy process. Make sure to download the latest version of the application from the official website.

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