How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error on Discord

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The Discord 502 Bad Gateway error can ruin your video game night but it’s a simple fix. Before this error came along video games were only played on living-room televisions but the digital age has changed all of that. Now you can play multiplayer games online where communication is vital. Whether you’re trying to win a game or just get your friends to talk to one another you need to be able to communicate. If your friends aren’t able to communicate the result is a 502 error.

Cloudflare servers

There are two ways to fix Cloudflare’s 502 bad gateway error. The first is by disabling the CDN and firewall which may help fix the problem. In some cases this error is caused by a network issue or by a downed Cloudflare server. Listed below are some possible solutions. If none of these solutions work for you try the next methods.

The first way to fix this error is by addressing the underlying cause. Most often a server is overloaded. This happens when memory becomes strained and the server cannot handle the traffic. This might be a big event or even a targeted DDoS attack. In either case the server can become overloaded due to a variety of factors which may lead to the error. If you notice that your website is returning a 502 error it’s likely because your server has reached its memory limit.

Another way to resolve a 502 problem is by using a zone cache. Typically the server will be unavailable for a long time but clearing your cache can help. In some cases the error may occur because your web host is implementing a ‘kill script’ to end a request before it impacts other users. Try doing a Twitter search for ‘bad gateway’ and you’ll see thousands of tweets alerting hosting companies to a problem.


If you are experiencing a 502 Bad Gateway error there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. First you can try to contact your internet service provider. Most websites have email and telephone contacts and you can also try searching for the site using the hashtag #websitedown. If all else fails try contacting your ISP. Occasionally an issue with the network is the cause of the error but it is also possible that it is the cause of the problem.

Another possible cause of 502 Bad Gateway error is cookies and cache. The cache on your computer stores data such as cookies from sites you visit. If you’ve gotten this error you might be seeing outdated cookies and cache. If they’re not removed you won’t be able to access the desired website. Either clear your cookies or delete your cache. This solution should fix the 502 Bad Gateway error and get you back online again.

Network issues

Have you experienced the frustrating 502 Bad Gateway error while playing Discord? Fortunately there are simple solutions to help you fix this problem. You may have an incorrect IP address or network configuration. To solve this problem follow these steps:

First try reloading the page. For Mac users press CMD+R and reload the page. In some cases the error is due to faulty updates. It is possible that your device is experiencing an unusual surge in usage. Restarting your device can also resolve the problem. If the above steps don’t work try a different browser. If the problem persists you might need to reinstall the program.

Another common reason for the 502 Bad Gateway error is an overload of the server. Servers are made to handle a specific number of visitors at a time. If the server reaches its capacity it stops responding. Discord is hosted on the Cloudflare network and if this is the issue the entire service will fail. Moreover if your computer is not connected to the cloudflare network the server will not function.

Restarting your computer to fix 502 Bad Gateway error

If you’re getting the 502 Bad Gateway error restarting your computer may be the answer. Sometimes the error might be due to a temporary problem with your networking device or it could be a computer issue. If you’re unable to resolve the problem restarting your computer or rebooting your browser may help. Try using a different browser or reinstalling it if you’re running a new one.

If it still happens contact the website owner and request that they resolve the issue. In some cases this can be as simple as deleting cookies from your browser. This method works much the same way as clearing your cache but it only affects cookies related to the site that is showing the error. If none of these steps work try rebooting your computer and reloading the site. Restarting your computer may be the last option.

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