How to Fix SteamVR Error 108 on Oculus Rift

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SteamVR won’t detect your Oculus Rift? Here’s what you can try. Uninstall any conflicting programs restart your PC and install the latest device drivers. If those steps don’t work you may need to repeat the process. Then check your SteamVR settings to make sure they’re right for your system. If you’ve followed these steps you should be able to fix error 108 on your Oculus Rift.

SteamVR won’t detect an Oculus Rift

If you’re having trouble connecting your Oculus Rift to SteamVR it’s possible that your PC is experiencing problems with the Oculus app. This can be caused by missing or corrupted system files. To solve this issue you can run a thorough scan for system files. Once this is done you can try connecting your headset again. If this doesn’t work follow these steps:

To enable SteamVR to recognize the Oculus Rift you’ll need to go into your SteamVR dashboard. Click the Unknown Sources toggle. The check should be enabled. If it doesn’t restart the Steam application. If you don’t see this option try opting out of the beta version and installing the app again. If the problem persists you may want to reinstall SteamVR.

If the headset is properly connected you should have no problem using SteamVR. To use SteamVR you can go to the SteamVR app from the headset’s app library or from the desktop. Once the SteamVR app has recognized your headset it will open the Steam VR portal and let you select the games you’ve installed. To find out whether this problem is related to the headset you can try it on a different computer or try it on a different headset. Alternatively you can contact Steam’s customer support department and get the problem resolved.

Uninstalling conflicting programs

This issue is caused by certain SteamVR updates. If you have the same issue you may have outdated GPU drivers or conflicting software. This error can be resolved by uninstalling the conflicting software and updating your GPU drivers. To solve this problem download and install driver updater software. If the above methods fail you may need to check the connections of your VR device.

If all these steps do not work restarting your computer can solve the error. This process will reload all the resources of your computer and headset device which should resolve the issue. Restarting your computer will also fix any connectivity issues and make the headset device work again. You can also try running the SteamVR application in administrator mode to solve this error.

Some users report that removing conflicting programs helps them solve this issue. The best way to remove these programs is to remove the ones that conflict with the SteamVR driver. This way your VR headset will continue working correctly. However it can also be caused by inadequate user rights. If you’re experiencing this error make sure that your PC has adequate user permissions to run SteamVR. You can also try deleting unauthorized files from the SteamVR driver directory.

Restarting your computer

If you experience the SteamVR error 108 restart your computer and reconnect your headset device. This will reload the resources for your headset device. Alternatively you can try restarting your computer by selecting the Start option in the context menu or by manually restarting the computer. If the error still persists you can try running Steam in administrator mode. Here are the steps to follow.

First disconnect your headset from the main link box. There are four different ports on the HTC Vive. Connect the headset to the appropriate port. Then restart your computer and re-enter SteamVR. This should resolve the problem. Restarting your computer will also enable SteamVR. If this does not solve the problem try sending an error report to the developer.

To restart SteamVR go to the settings menu. Select the Developer option. Select Tools. Go to Library. Select Uninstall and Install. Follow the steps below. If all the steps fail you may have a USB chipset or the wrong installation permissions. Change the permissions to allow SteamVR to launch correctly. If the issue still persists try restarting your PC.

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