How to Fix a PlayStation 5 Controller That Keeps Disconnecting From Your PC

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If your PlayStation 5 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC you may want to try some of these hacks to fix the problem. You may also need to replace the controller if it is damaged or faulty. If none of these hacks works you can always try uninstalling a program and resetting the controller. This will also work if you are having connectivity issues with other platforms.

Fixing a faulty or damaged wire

The first step in fixing a PS5 controller that keeps disconnecting from your computer is to check the wires. Check for damage frayed ends or cuts in the middle. Most controllers are made with USB-C ports and if you find damage to any of these wires the problem likely lies with your computer’s USB port. If your controller is still working try connecting it to another computer via an USB-C cable. Make sure you use the same cable as the controller.

Another cause of this problem is faulty USB ports. If your PS5 controller keeps disconnecting you might have a faulty USB port. To troubleshoot this problem you can open Device Manager from your computer’s Start menu. Click the Bluetooth drive and then select the Update Driver option. The device manager will find the new drivers for the Bluetooth device and install them automatically. When it is done restart your computer.

Uninstalling a program

You may have noticed that your paired PS5 controller is disconnecting from your PC. This problem may be caused by a number of reasons. In the first case you may be using a USB cable. Alternatively your computer may not recognize the controller’s USB port. In either case you must try uninstalling the device driver and reinstalling it.

If you can’t figure out the exact reason why your ps5 controller keeps disconnecting from your computer you may want to try contacting Sony’s customer support department. If you’ve tried uninstalling the software you’ll likely find that the problem was caused by an outdated operating system. Depending on the version of Windows you may need to reinstall the device. Otherwise you may simply need to reinstall the drivers or update your operating system.

If you’re still having trouble you might want to consider updating your controller’s Bluetooth drivers. This is particularly important if you’re having problems with the PlayStation 5’s USB port. However you should first try updating the PlayStation 5’s USB port to ensure that it’s working properly. If these steps do not work you may want to try another computer platform.

Resetting a controller

If you have been experiencing problems with your PlayStation 5 Controller you may have to reset it to resolve the issue. The first step in this process is to remove the batteries and check the connection between the Controller and the computer. Then press the right shoulder button until the Controller vibrates and wait for 30 seconds. If the problem persists you can try reinstalling the Controller but first make sure the connection is secure.

In some cases a faulty USB-C cable may be the cause of the problem. This cable transfers data and power to and from the PlayStation. A simple solution for the problem is to clean the port with compressed air. If the problem continues it’s probably caused by the USB-C cable. You can use a different USB port. If you have multiple USB ports you can plug in the controller in each of them.

Repairing or replacing a controller

When your PS5 controller keeps disconnecting from your PC it is a major nuisance for anyone who enjoys gaming on a PC. Fortunately this common problem can usually be easily fixed with simple troubleshooting steps and a USB cable. To start connect the controller to your PC. Once it’s connected install any necessary drivers and then reboot the PC. To pair the controller with your PC press and hold down the small hole on the back of the Controller for at least five seconds.

The problem can also be caused by outdated system software. Ensure that your PS5 controller’s firmware is up to date by visiting the Device Manager and selecting it from the Windows start menu. If that doesn’t fix the problem try updating your Bluetooth drivers Steam settings and Windows drivers. Lastly try uninstalling any outdated drivers. If all of these solutions don’t work replace your controller with a new one.

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