How to Find Your PlayStation 5 Friends List

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To find your PlayStation Network friends list go to the settings tab and tap ‘Friends’. Select the ‘Friends’ option and then tap on ‘Edit.’ Now you can change the privacy setting to make only your besties see your name. This feature is available for both closed and close friends. It’s a good idea to set the privacy setting to ‘Close Friends Only’ if you want only your closest friends to be able to see your profile picture and name.

How to add friends to your PlayStation Network profile

If you want to interact with other PlayStation users you’ll need to add them to your PlayStation Network profile. Adding friends to your PlayStation Network profile lets you see other users’ online status and send them direct messages. You can do this in the PlayStation App by selecting Friends > Remove as friend. To remove a friend select the corresponding button on the left of the user’s profile and then select ‘Remove as friend.’

To add a friend on the PlayStation Network simply enter the PlayStation ID of the person you want to add into the search box in the menu bar. From there you can see your friend’s profile and check their gaming activities. You can also send a direct message to your friend and accept or decline it. Once you have added a friend you can view their profiles send them direct messages and view their broadcasts.

You can also block a friend on the PlayStation Network. To block someone you must first log into the PlayStation Network application on your mobile device. On the PlayStation 5 console press the PS button. Then open the Game Base and select the tab ‘Friends.’ Once there type in the person’s name or ID and click ‘Add Friend’. You must wait for the person to accept the request before you can add them to your PSN profile.

How to view a friend’s profile

You can view a friend’s profile on PlayStation 5 just as you would on other social networks. If you’re a close friend you’ll be able to see their profile picture recent activity and trophies won. You can also send them messages and party invitations and follow them if they’ve verified their account. There are also options to report them for using inappropriate online IDs or self-introductions.

Using the PlayStation 5’s new ‘Players you may know’ feature you can view a friend’s profile and real name. To view a friend’s profile choose the person from the list. Once you’ve selected a friend you’ll see the person’s profile picture and PSN ID. You can also check if your friend has added you.

To view a friend’s profile on PlayStation 5 you’ll need to be signed in. To do so go to the PlayStation app. Download it from Apple or Google Play. Enter your online ID and then select a friend. Once you’re logged in you can view the friend’s profile. You can also view a friend’s profile if you have a PlayStation Mobile device.

How to change privacy settings

How to change privacy settings for PS5 friends lists can be done in the user menu. Under Users and Accounts you can toggle the setting for social and open. The settings can also be broken down within each category including information and activity. Depending on which settings you choose players will be able to see more of your game history or just the people you’ve chosen to be your friends. For example if you use trophy-tracking sites you may want to make sure that your profile pictures are not displayed to other users.

While it’s helpful to have your friends’ Facebook names visible you may not want them to know your real name. Using your full name on your console could be a potential way to attract harassment from other players. Plus your friends’ friends may recommend you to them if they see your full name. To prevent this problem you can change your privacy settings in Your Information tab. If you want to display your full name you can also change the setting for friends.

After selecting the correct option you can set up the privacy for your friends on the PlayStation Network. This is useful when you’re playing a multiplayer game. The settings can limit who can see your friends list and how many incoming messages they can send to you. The ‘Friend Requests’ option is identical to the Connecting With Friends screen but duplicated. This option allows you to control who can see your real name and recommendations.

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