How to Find Treasure in Minecraft

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In order to discover buried treasure players must first navigate to a location on a map use a shovel to dig in the sand and open a chest they have found. More than one map will spawn per world so players will have to go to a number of different locations to uncover the hidden treasure. In some cases players will find two chests in the same location which they must sail away from in order to find the one they want.

Locations of buried treasure

It is possible to find buried treasure in a number of locations in Minecraft such as coastal areas shipwrecks and the ocean floor. Buried treasure usually appears hidden underneath a layer of sand and gravel but there are instances when it’s covered by an ore-filled block. Keep an eye out for suspicious mounds and collections of blocks. When you find buried treasure you’ll know where to dig it up.

To find buried treasure you’ll need to first find a map. Usually buried treasure is east of an X on the map. You’ll need a shovel to dig through the sand. Once you’ve found the map you can dig around and start looking for the treasure. It is best to carry a shovel in order to dig through the sand to find it.

Chances of finding buried treasure

While there are many ways to find buried treasure in Minecraft some players are prone to making common mistakes. For example they might try digging in areas where they cannot see anything. The result may be that they miss the treasure entirely. For this reason avoiding these mistakes is essential to finding the treasure. Below are some helpful tips for finding buried treasure. Follow these tips to increase your chances of finding buried treasure in Minecraft.

First look for the ‘Treasure Map’ in ruins and shipwrecks. These are usually marked with red cross marks and white dots. They show where to dig and they overlap. Once you find it follow the map’s markers. As you approach the treasure the details will fill out on the map. Digging will take several hours so be patient and try to get close to the treasure as fast as you can.

Using TNT to find buried treasure

If you are looking for buried treasure in Minecraft one of the easiest ways to do it is using TNT. By placing TNT blocks around an area you can easily find and destroy the chests that cover the ground below. The explosion of the TNT will blow the chests away exposing the buried treasure. Then you can collect the items inside the chests. This method is faster and more fun than digging up the treasure by hand.

A chest is a type of buried treasure which can be found on land underwater or in snow biomes. They spawn on the same level as or below the blocks that cover the area. When you open the chest you will discover that it is made of gold iron cooked cod leather and more. The chests can also contain rare loot such as emeralds diamonds and the heart of the sea. However there are a few caveats.

Digging around the red X mark

The first step in finding the buried treasure is to get to the map. The red X mark in Minecraft is located in the northwestern part of the map. If you have an armor shield equipped the treasure map will be smaller. Next you should walk in the southeast direction. Once you get to this point you can start digging around the red X mark. You may have to dig in a wide area to uncover the treasure.

To find the buried treasure you must stand in an area marked by a red X. After lining up the red marker with the pointer move towards it. Then back away a little to make the white part visible again. Finally if you are able to find the treasure you will have found it. If not you should try digging around the red X mark again.

Using f3 to find buried treasure

The process of finding buried treasure is much like that of locating other types of treasure in the game. Using the f3 key on your keyboard can help you find buried treasure faster. To do so simply enter a chunk’s coordinates (for example 9 x 9). The f3 key will take you directly over the chunk until you find a red X. Then dig until you find the treasure.

The next step is to locate a shipwreck. Not all sunken ships have map chests so you’ll need to search other sunken ships. You can also use a potion of night vision to find a sunken ship. Then simply move the map card to your inventory and place a white locator marker over the red X. Make sure the marker is centered.

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