How to Find the Minecraft Screenshots Folder

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If you’ve ever wondered where your Minecraft screenshots are stored this article will help you locate them. You’ll learn where screenshots are stored on your computer and how to take them on your mobile device. If you’re using a Windows computer screenshots are saved to %appdata%.minecraftscreenshots. You can also move and share screenshots with others. To find the Minecraft screenshots folder follow these steps:

Location of screenshots in Minecraft

If you play Minecraft on a computer you’ll probably want to know the location of screenshots in the game’s folder. In Windows screenshots are saved to a folder called C:UsersYour UsernameVideosCaptures. On Android the process is very similar but you will need to hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time to capture a screenshot. Mac users should use Finder to navigate to the folder where screenshots are stored.

To access your screenshots go to %appdata%.minecraftscreenshots on your computer. Alternatively you can go to /.minecraft/screenshots on Linux. On Windows XP open the start menu and choose ‘Run’. Then navigate to.minecraft/screenshots. On Windows 7 locate the screenshots folder by using the %appdata% search bar.

After you’ve located the screenshot folder open the settings overlay in Minecraft. If you’re using Windows 10 simply press the Windows Key + Print Screen to capture a screenshot. For Apple users screenshots are stored in C:Users/*username*/Videos/Captures but you can also find them in Library: Application Support/Minecraft/screenshots. You may also have to copy and paste the location of the screenshots to a different location on your Windows computer.

Once you’ve taken your Minecraft screenshots you’ll need to save them to your home folder so you can show off your accomplishments to your friends. A screenshot is a great way to show off the empires you’ve created. Whether you’re creating them for a competition or just to show off to your friends it’s important to find a place where you can store them. You can use the screenshots to share them with your friends and family or you can keep them for yourself as a keepsake.

Methods to take a screenshot in Minecraft

There are several ways to take a screenshot in Minecraft. There are built-in features on the PC version of the game that let you take a screenshot of a specific area of the game. WidsMob Capture is a versatile snipping tool that lets you capture screenshots annotate them and share them with others. To start using this tool simply type ‘Snip and Sketch’ in the Start menu. Choose Snip Mode to capture a screen image in rectangular or full-screen format.

Taking a screenshot in the Java Edition is just as simple as pressing the F2 key. You’ll be prompted to confirm the action and the screenshot will be saved in the %appdata%.minecraftscreenshots folder on your PC. You can move or share a screenshot with others from within the game using the screenshots folder. The screenshots are stored in a separate folder if you’re playing on Windows but you can also find them on MacOS or Linux by pressing the Fn key and the F2 key.

Taking a screenshot in Minecraft is easier on Mac than on Windows. In order to save your screenshots go to Library>Applications>Minecraft>Screenshots. There you’ll see the screenshot’s time stamp. As for the PC version of Minecraft you can take screenshots with Screen Recorder which is a powerful screenshot tool. With its customizable region and original image quality it will allow you to capture Minecraft screenshots with ease. It will even save the screenshots to popular formats including AVI PNG GIF and more.

Taking a screenshot on a mobile device

There are two basic methods for taking screenshots on a mobile device. On Android you can do this by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons. On iOS you can press the Power and Home buttons. Then choose the screenshot you want to take. Android devices typically save screenshots to the default Gallery app so you should be able to find them there. iPhones and Android devices both support screenshot functionality so the screenshots you take with this method are stored in the Photos folder.

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