How to Enable Do Not Disturb in Discord

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There are a few steps to enable the Do Not Disturb (DnD) status in Discord. To do so you can click the hamburger menu in the top left corner of your screen. Click your profile picture on the lower right to bring up the status-picker menu. Click the option that says ‘Do Not Disturb.’ If you see a pop-up window select it. You will now see a ‘Do Not Disturb’ notification in the status-picker menu.

Invisible mode

There are two modes on Discord – Do Not Disturb and Invisible. Do Not Disturb mode makes you appear offline on your Discord account and invisible mode lets you use all Discord features without bothering other people. Invisible mode is an excellent choice for users who need to communicate without interacting with other people. Discord lets you choose between these two modes to suit your needs. Invisible mode is recommended for people who are often away from their computers.

To disable the status of running games go to your profile and select the small cog icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click Games Activity in the left-hand pane and toggle the setting ‘Display currently running game as a status message.’ Keep in mind that not all servers and gadgets are compatible with this feature. If you do not use a game often you can hide it completely to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Do Not Disturb

Using the Do not disturb Discord feature will allow you to block unwanted messages sent to your account. The do not disturb option will display a red minus icon next to your avatar meaning you do not wish to be contacted. You will not receive notifications if someone contacts you but you can still communicate with others. If you’re away from your Discord connection you can still see who is on the other end of the conversation. If you’d like to remain undetected while working you can use this option.

Do not disturb Discord can be turned on and off at any time. You can set the time during which you want to stay silent which will help you focus during your professional meetings or sleep. If you’re a heavy Discord user you might find that you don’t want to receive notifications about every message you send or receive especially if you have a large friend list. Luckily Discord’s DND feature is very easy to use and you’ll be glad you did.

Invisible status

Changing your status to an Invisible status is a very useful feature that allows you to use Discord as normal while appearing to be offline. Unlike the other two options this does not mean that you cannot receive messages. Instead it simply means that your desktop notifications will be turned off for a certain amount of time. Moreover the Invisible status can be applied to mobile devices as well. So if you want to make your Discord status invisible for a longer period of time this option will be helpful to you.

The Discord invisible status option does not disrupt other users and it is completely client-actuated. You can choose to display your status if you want or if you wish to remain undetected. To set your Discord status to invisible go to the settings page and click on the Invisible option. When you change your status to Invisible no one will know you’re online. Alternatively you can also disable notifications by changing your Avatar’s color.

Blocking or allowing calls on Do Not Disturb Discord

You can block or allow calls on do not disturb Discord by following a few simple steps. Discord allows you to choose a number of different settings to control your notifications. You can choose to block all calls from certain numbers or to allow only those who you choose. The most common reason for using do not disturb is to avoid receiving calls from famous streamers. You can also choose to mute all notifications.

To block or allow calls from certain individuals go to a person’s profile and click on the button. Clicking this will block all incoming messages from that person. Alternatively you can block them by going to their friends list and right-clicking their name. Once blocked they will no longer be able to call you. This way you can continue using the social network. Despite what the name suggests this option can be annoying so you may want to consider blocking someone’s number if you need to avoid receiving calls.

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