How to DM Someone on Discord Without Being Friends

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How to DM someone on Discord without being friends is a question that has been on our minds for quite some time. Generally speaking Discord doesn’t allow you to DM people who are not friends. Fortunately most users have configured their Privacy and Safety settings to prevent this from happening. Here are a few steps to take in order to DM someone on Discord without being friends.

DM privacy settings

You might be wondering how to DM someone on Discord without being their friend. Thankfully there is a way to do this. Unless you already have a relationship with that person DMs are not always possible. You can manually override this setting in the server settings or you can turn on DMing for everyone. In most cases this won’t be necessary.

To send a message to someone without being friends you must first share a server with that person. If you don’t know them make sure to enable the privacy settings and select a server where you share mutual DMs. Otherwise you might never see the message. Even if you don’t share a server with someone you can still send them a message. If you have their email address you can send them an e-mail message or text message.

Searching for people on Discord

In Discord you can search for people without being friends by copying their tag number which is also known as their Discord ID. After you copy the ID you can paste it wherever you want. If you don’t know the tag number of someone you want to add you can also search for their name. To do this you need to be in their range and have their phone number or email enabled.

Another way to find out who other users are in Discord is to search for them by name. There is a search bar on the homepage of Discord that displays the names of users with the same name. Once you have a list you can send a friend request. Alternatively you can also use the name search feature on DiscordHub to see all users who have the same username as you.

Sending a DM

If you’re not friends with someone on Discord you might be wondering how to send a DM. Fortunately there are some very simple steps you can follow to send a DM on Discord to a non-friend. First go to the person’s profile page. On the left side click DM. Once you’re in the DM window type a message in the subject box. The other person will then receive your message.

After adding the other person as a friend you can send a direct message to the other person in Discord. Ensure that you have appropriate privacy settings and follow the steps to send a message to a friend. The recipient must also be a member of your server or you won’t be able to send a message. You can also search for the recipient by tag or username.

Retrieving a DM

Retrieving a DM from a Discord user is quite straightforward. To do this you can find the person’s name on the server’s member list and then click on the banner to view their profile. The profile summary will also be displayed if you hover over the member’s icon. While the member is likely to be a friend you can still send them a message by clicking on the three dots. This is the same process as sending a friend request.

If the message was sent to a friend of a friend the person will need to accept the message to receive it. In order to send a DM to a person you must first be friends with that person. You can change your settings to allow messages from unknown users. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to send private messages to anyone. You can also view the list of all your friends.

Creating a group DM

You can create a group DM on Discord without actually being friends with the people in it. If you don’t want to share a direct message with others create a group DM in Discord first. Once you have the group add your friends to it. After that you’ll be able to send direct messages to the group members. The best way to do this is to create a group tab in the sidebar of the chat app and add all your friends to it.

First you’ll need to sign into Discord. Open the web or desktop app and sign in. Click ‘Friends’ and then ‘New Group DM.’ Once you’re in start a group DM conversation with the people you don’t already know. You can check on the group’s progress by clicking on the ‘Friends’ tab. You can also create a new private server with the group.

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