How to Delete Chats in Microsoft Teams

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If you’re wondering how to delete a chat in Microsoft Teams you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to find out how to delete a meeting or group chat. We’ll also cover how to mute or hide a message. There are a few steps involved in deleting a chat so keep reading to learn more. Here are a few tips that will make your work with Microsoft Teams a lot easier.

How to delete a group or meeting chat

If you don’t want to see all the messages in a group or meeting chat you can delete it in Microsoft Teams. To do this open the chat and click ‘Delete message.’ A notification will pop up telling you that you have deleted the message. Next to the message click the ‘Undo’ link to undo the action. You will need to log out of your Microsoft Teams account to undo your action.

When you delete a group or meeting chat in Microsoft you are actually deleting the thread from all devices associated with that particular group or meeting. This means that any other users will be unable to see it and any messages you have previously sent or received will not be visible to new users. But you should not worry! Deleted chat threads can be recovered by re-joining the group or meeting.

If your group or meeting chats are overloaded you can create a new one. Creating a new chat is easy and can be done by any team member as long as they have access to the appropriate policies. It is also easy to add original chat group members to the new chat which will create a new base of communication. However it is advisable to keep the original chat group as a backup in case something should happen to it.

How to delete a one-on-one message

Delete a one-on-one message in the Microsoft Teams app if you don’t need the message anymore. There are many reasons why you may want to delete a message. One of the most obvious is if you’ve accidentally deleted a message with someone else. This can be a frustrating experience especially if you’ve made the mistake of sending the same message to multiple people. If this is the case here are some tips for you.

To delete a one-on-one message first of all you need to sign out of the chat you’re in. After deleting a chat a notification will show up saying ‘This message has been deleted.’ Then you need to select ‘Undo’ if you don’t want the message to be seen by other users. Note that if you delete a chat and then re-enter the chat the message will reappear for everyone. You can also sign out of Teams if you’re using it for work.

If you want to delete a message for everyone you can do it easily and quickly. In some chat channels you can’t delete your own messages. To undo the deletion hover over the message and select ‘Undo’. Alternatively you can hide the entire chat by right-clicking it. To restore the previous conversation search for the name of the person who sent you the message.

How to hide or mute a message

When it comes to ignoring notifications in Microsoft Teams you may not have noticed but you can turn off the ‘Allow notifications’ option in the notification bar. You can mute the notifications for any contact and it will be displayed in the Activity tab but not in the notifications list. You can also mute notifications in Microsoft Teams by choosing the ‘Only show in Feed’ option. Once you’ve selected this option you will only receive notifications for messages from that person.

To unhide a message you can tap the ellipsis icon located at the bottom of the chat list. From there click the message to reveal the options or you can select the ‘Chat’ tab. To add new participants click ‘View’ and enter the names of the new participants. You can also decide how much of the chat history you want to view.

Another option for hiding or muting a message in Microsoft Teams is to pin it. This option allows you to make a particular conversation appear at the top of the chat list until you reply to it. This feature is available in all desktop versions of Microsoft Teams. Then you can delete an individual message and restore its original visibility. This feature is useful for muting and unmuting other members of a team.

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