How to Create a Discord Banner GIF

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your profile the Discord application makes it easy to change your profile’s banner. Just follow these steps to create a Discord Banner GIF. Once created you can use it on your profile share it with friends communities and even strangers! In addition to changing the look of your profile you can also change the color of your banner and use it as a desktop wallpaper.

Uploading a gif to your profile

In the Discord chat room one of the best ways to get attention is to upload a gif. These animated loops will draw attention to you and your profile and show your friendly side. You can also search for a GIF and save it for your profile. In both cases you will need to go to the user settings of your Discord account. Once there click on gifs and save them.

To upload a GIF to your profile on Discord you must have nitro installed on your computer. You can download Nitro here. You can also find an APNG maker on the ezgif website. Simply go to the APNG maker menu and choose ‘Add GIF’ as your profile picture. Once you’ve added the GIF click on ‘Save’ and wait for it to upload.

Searching for gifs

There are many reasons why you may be having trouble with your Discord banner gifs. It could be a software bug an issue with the internet or a conflict with your device settings. You should know that you should not make a GIF file larger than 8MB as this will cause disconnection and lag. To resolve this problem you can try reinstalling the Discord desktop client.

Aside from YouTube you can also find short videos related to Discord banner gifs on TikTok. Popular TikTok creators include miths#1297 (@fluyb) els(@vhlrtue) and ngan(@moch1sung_). These videos have included the Discord banner gif along with the hashtag #discordbanner.

Favoriting gifs

Adding gifs to your favorite list is a simple way to share and save them with your friends in Discord. Discord has a built-in database of gifs. You can view thousands of gifs and add favorites based on their type and subject. You can also search for specific GIFs by searching the database. To save even more time you can also create stickers and access them only with Discord Nitro.

If you’re having trouble viewing gifs in Discord it’s possible that you’ve uploaded a large file and it didn’t load properly. This issue can happen for a number of reasons including software bugs conflicting device settings and internet connection issues. In order to experience smooth gameplay and minimal lag Discord limits the size of gif files to 8MB. If the gif is larger than that it will not load properly and will not play.

Changing your profile banner

The Discord desktop app lets you change your profile banner. To change the image on your profile you first need to sign in to Discord and click on User Settings. From here you can select an image or upload one. Then use the on-screen controls to make further tweaks to the image. There are also several options to choose an image including using only a part of it. You can also crop the image to remove the background.

If you would like to change your profile banner the Discord software allows you to upload your own picture. The program allows you to upload a PNG JPG or GIF file of up to 10MB. The profile banner will be displayed on all devices including phones and tablets. If you subscribe to Nitro you must manually cancel it first before changing your profile banner. After you change the size and dimensions of the image you will see it on the profile banner.

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