How to Compress Files For Discord

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If you have huge files you may need to compress your Discord files to save space. While Google Drive is a convenient solution for this problem the file size limitation on the Discord app is not large enough. You can try alternative methods such as modifying the code of Discord. Although these methods may not be as convenient as the official Google Drive app they do work for large files. The first and foremost method is to use Google Drive.

Video compressor websites

If you want to submit your videos to Discord you can do so with video compressor websites. While these websites can reduce the quality of your videos the best ones will keep them intact. The next step is to decide what type of compression you want. You can either use the standard settings or choose a high-quality setting. A good video compressor should also provide a preview so you can see the results before you upload them. Once you’ve decided on the compression level you can download the compressed video and edit it to make it as high-quality as possible.

Discord is a free voice video and text chat platform that allows you to communicate with other users seamlessly. Discord has a limit of eight megabytes (MB) per video. Since most videos are under eight MB using a Discord video compressor website is a great option to meet this requirement. If you want to send a large video to a large number of Discord users you should also subscribe to Discord Nitro a prepaid plan that unlocks special perks.


Despite the huge popularity of Discord its file size limit remains at 8MB. For instance a short HD film could take up 300MB of storage. However a Discord Nitro membership can increase this limit and enable users to upload videos of 50MB or more. This means that Discord users can upload more videos with fewer file sizes than ever before. Fortunately a Discord video compressor like Movavi is now available. In addition to compression this Discord video editing software also contains professional video editing tools making it an ideal tool for users.

If you’re new to Discord you may have noticed the ‘max file size is 8MB’ error message. This error message means that your file is too large to upload. However you can still upload videos larger than 8MB by compressing them first. Here’s how you can do it:


If you’re looking to compress files for Discord you may have come across the Vidmore for Discord application. This free and open-source video compression tool is perfect for this purpose as it will optimize your videos for the discord platform. The software allows you to export your videos to a variety of file formats and adjust their compression rate resulting in a smaller file size. It also has a preview option so you can see how the video will look before you actually use it.

Another great feature of Vidmore for Discord is its built-in video editor which allows you to trim down long videos into smaller clips. This feature will also allow you to bypass Discord’s size restrictions since it’s impossible to upload videos over 8MB without a video compressor. To use the 8MB Discord video converter simply click on the Converter module and click on the big + button in the center. Then select the output folder from the list of available options.


If you’re having trouble uploading large files to Discord you might want to compress them using Imgur. You can upload up to 100 MB for free using Imgur. But you shouldn’t forget that Discord’s file size limit isn’t just for videos. Large files can also include music and photos. Fortunately there are a few free ways to compress large files without needing a Nitro account.

First you’ll need to register for an Imgur account. You can also download a mobile version of the Imgur app. Once you sign up you can easily upload your media files. Be sure to keep the file size under 8 MB. Using Imgur you’ll be able to view your uploaded files on Discord without any hassles. If you’ve ever experienced the ‘your files are too large’ error in Discord you’ve come to the right place!

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