How to Choose the Best Pump Reservoir Combo Unit

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When you’re looking for the best pump reservoir combo unit you’ll want to choose one that has the right size and mount. The classic cylindrical reservoir sits above the pump and helps keep the coolant present. Running dry can harm a pump so you want to be sure you’re getting the right combo unit for your needs. Also check to make sure it can be mounted easily with the necessary equipment. This article will provide you with information on the different types and sizes of pump reservoir combo units.

Corsair Hydro X Sequence XD5 RGB

The Corsair Hydro X Series ‘XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo’ is a good looking powerful pump that comes with all the mounting hardware and cables you need to install it onto your case or fans. Its sleek look and smooth operation make it a great buy especially for the price. It also boasts an impressive RGB lighting system which can be customised with CORSAIR’s iCUE software which is available separately.

The Corsair Hydro X Series ‘XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo’ features an advanced D5 PWM pump with a powerful flow rate for advanced loops. This pump features 10 individually addressable RGB LEDs that are fully adjustable via PWM. Its 330ml reservoir features an anti-vortex insert and a sleek angular design. The pump’s temperature sensor makes it easy to set the desired RGB intensity and to adjust the fan speed to match the mood of your custom cooling system.

Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5

The new Pump Reservoir Combo from Thermaltake is a versatile externally-modular system for high-end liquid cooling. With its six-mm pipe wall and twelve addressable LEDs the PR22-D5 features high-lift pumping up to 15 feet. The PR22-D5 features a manual speed control knob for easy cleaning and maintenance. It can handle up to 1135L of liquid per hour.

With the PR22-D5 Reservoir Combo you’ll have a high-end 300-ml reservoir with a reflowable D5 pump LED cap and a 16.8 million colour LED light. The reservoir and pump are made from premium materials like POM and PMMA providing unrivaled reliability and performance. And because the pump comes with multiple mounting options you’ll have more freedom when mounting your PC.


The latest addition to the premium liquid cooling lineup from EKWB is the D5 pump reservoir combo unit. While the original D5 model is still available in the market the latest model is made from CNC-machined acrylic glass for the bottom. This model also comes with a see-through plexiglass end cap. This pump reservoir combo is the perfect choice for the budget-conscious enthusiast or the newcomer looking to upgrade their water cooling system.

The EK-XRES 140 Revo pump is water-lubricated and uses a wet rotor design. Its 4-pin RGB LED stripe is compatible with every major motherboard manufacturer and mainstream RGB controllers. However if you plan to clean your new pump don’t use solvents or alcohol derivates. Also be sure to avoid contacting aluminum Fluid Gaming parts when using these reservoirs to prevent cracking.

EKWB EK-Quantum 360 kinetic pump combo unit

The new high-performance EK-Quantum kinetic pump reservoir combo unit from the company is a small form-factor solution for liquid cooling needs. Available in three different models the unit includes a genuine DDC pump and addressable D-RGB lighting implementation. It features six G1/4′ ports for liquid cooling loop configurations. It can be used with either a 120mm or a 280mm fan.

The combination features six G1/4” ports including inlet and outlet ports. The reservoir is made of premium acrylic and sealed with a quality EPDM o-ring. It also features a black anodized aluminum cover and addressable D-RGB LED strip. One of EK’s main priorities is LED implementation and this combo unit has a few LED hotspots.

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