How to Check If You Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

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If you’re having issues with your microphone or speakers in Discord there are several things you can check to fix the problem. If Discord is muted you may not have enabled audio devices correctly. You should also check the output and input devices to ensure that they are correctly selected. Occasionally it can be a problem with the hardware in your computer or laptop. In any case you should follow these simple steps to resolve the issue.

Fixing discord can’t hear anyone

If you’re having trouble hearing people on Discord you might be experiencing a bug. To fix this follow these steps. First make sure that your volume is turned up in Windows or on your device. This step is often overlooked by troubleshooters but has worked for many people. If the problem still persists try reinstalling Discord. It might also help to restart your computer.

If your Discord app is the source of the problem you may be able to fix the issue by enabling the Legacy Audio subsystem. This setting can be found in the right panel. Restarting your PC or laptop can also help resolve the problem. In some cases the Discord app might be incompatible with your hardware. To fix the audio system of Discord on your computer install the Legacy Audio subsystem.

Checking input and output audio devices

If you’re experiencing problems with audio while using Discord the first thing to check is your audio device. If you’re using a computer microphone check the volume and other settings of this device. If you need to fine-tune the volume and boost later you can do so. If you don’t have an external microphone check the volume and boost of the microphone on your laptop.

Sometimes you might have accidentally muted your own sound or the audio output from Discord. If this happens make sure that your volume mixer is not muted. If this still doesn’t work try checking your sound settings on your PC. Alternatively reinstall Discord. If you still experience problems with sound try adjusting the volume settings of your audio device in the device manager. Alternatively you can also restart your PC.

Checking if Discord has been muted

To check if Discord has been muted you first need to open its settings. To do this click the Windows icon on the bottom left of the screen and then click Settings. From there choose the Audio and Video category. Navigate to the Microphone tab. In the Advanced tab click on the Microphone settings. Make sure the input volume is set to maximum. Discord may also be muted if the microphone is set to the wrong input.

However you may not know for sure if you’ve been muted until you’ve been blocked. While Discord doesn’t notify users of their mute status it’s possible to track their behavior and ask them to unmute you. In general mutes aren’t a cause for alarm especially if you’re only trying to mute someone you’re not close to. If you accidentally muted someone you’ll just be unable to see their text messages or hear their voice.

Checking hardware components

If you can’t hear anyone on Discord you should first check the volume on your device. If you turn it down all the way the problem is most likely the volume of your hardware. If your hardware is fully functioning there shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise you should try to fix the issue by updating your drivers. If you can’t hear anyone the problem may lie in the software itself.

If you still can’t hear anyone on Discord you may need to change the audio settings on your computer. If the problem is temporary it may be caused by a coding issue or a bug in the Discord application itself. In such a case try restarting your PC. This will refresh your operating system and clear any corrupted temporary data. Before proceeding check if your headphone/microphone jacks are properly connected to your PC audio outputs and inputs.

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