How to Change Your VRchat Name

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You may want to change your VRchat name. However this is only possible once and you should log into the VRchat home menu. Click the Blue Edit Button in order to change your initial information including name. In the name field enter 04 characters or as much as 15 characters depending on your preferences. To avoid being branded as an imposter choose a unique name that only you will know.

Changing your display name in VRChat

Changing your display name in VRchat is easy and safe but it has some rules. You can only change your name once every three months. First you need to log in to VRChat. Then go to your account settings and click on ‘Edit Initial Information.’ Next type in a name for yourself between four and fifteen characters. It must be unique. Be careful not to copy someone else’s username.

You’ll also need to fill out your account information. Changing your display name is important as it’s the one people will see if they sign in. Be sure to choose a name that is different from the one they’re using. The name must be at least 4 characters long and cannot be shorter than 15 characters. Also be sure that your display name is unique! Changing your display name is easy in VRChat as long as you stick to the rules.

Changing your display name on Steam

If you are bored with your username you can change it on Steam by following a few simple steps. To do so first log in to Steam. Then click on the ‘Profile’ option which is on the left side. You will see the list of names you have used before. Click on the ‘Edit’ button to change your username. Make sure to click the blue ‘Save’ button after you have made the changes to ensure that they are saved.

The ‘Profile’ button displays your name avatar thumbnail and status. Click on the profile button to edit your account information. Your display name must be between four and 15 characters long. It cannot be the same as another user’s name or be a nickname. You can use the same name as your username but you must change your display name if it is offensive or impersonating another user. Check out the Steam community guidelines before making any changes.

Changing your display name on Oculus

You may wish to change your display name on Oculus VR Chat to add a different meaning to your username. You can do so once every three months however you are not able to change it more often than that. First you must log in to the Oculus VR Chat website. In the home menu click on the ‘Settings’ link. Here select ‘User information’ and then ‘Display Name’. Enter a unique name that is between four and 15 characters long.

Changing your display name on Oculus is easy and can be done through the VRChat website or the Oculus app. In the upper right corner click on ‘Login.’ Once you’re logged in you need to go to ‘Account’ and then select ‘Steam.’ From here you can follow the instructions provided there. Next click ‘Upgrade My Account’ to sign in. After you’ve completed this step you’ll need to go to the VRChat website and click on ‘Register.’ You’ll then be asked to agree to the terms and conditions and proceed with the registration process.

Changing your display name on TikTok

Changing your display name on TikToK is easy but there are some steps you should be aware of first. First you should know that you can only change your username once every 30 days. Also you should keep in mind that you cannot change your username if it’s already taken by someone else. Fortunately changing your username on TikToK is not as difficult as it may sound. You just need to follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to a new look for your account.

Before choosing a username for your TikToK channel you should first think about the principles of creating a good online presence. Pick a username that’s easy to remember catchy and self-explanatory. It’s OK to use words that relate to your niche but it’s advisable to make the change only once in 30 days. If you have a lot of social media accounts you can use those to link your TikTok channel.

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