How to Change the Lock Screen on an Amazon Fire Tablet

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If you’re interested in changing the password for the lock screen on your Amazon Fire tablet read on. There are several ways you can do this on your device. You can change the password remove ads and change the background of your lock screen. Follow the steps below to learn how. Once you’ve done these you’ll have your tablet looking just like you want it to. If you want to unlock the screen you can follow the same steps.

Changing the lock screen password

The first step in changing the lock screen password on an Amazon fire tablet is to access the Security settings menu. Here choose the Lock Screen Password option. Select the type of PIN or password you want to use. After that tap the ‘Set Password’ button. Now you must type the new password or PIN to access the tablet. Then your tablet will be protected from unauthorized access.

Changing the lock screen password on an Kindle Fire is relatively simple. Changing the password is a good idea if you are looking to remove the Amazon ads. You can also change the length of time it takes for the device to automatically lock itself. Make sure to keep the length of time under thirty seconds to avoid the device being locked prematurely. Changing the password on your Kindle Fire tablet will not affect your access to the quick access menu at the top or bottom of the screen.

Removing ads

If you’re fed up with the annoying ads that are placed on the lock screen of your Amazon Fire tablet you can remove them yourself. All you have to do is log into your Amazon account and click on ‘Manage devices and content’ to do this. Once you have done this choose the device that contains the ads and tap ‘Remove offers.’ This will remove the ads from your device. You can also pay $15 to remove ads.

First you’ll need to download the official Android SDK Platform Tools to your PC. The recommended binary is ADB. Next you’ll need to extract it to a convenient location on your PC. Locate the platform-tools folder. You’ll use this folder to remove ads from your Amazon Fire tablet’s lock screen. The ads will be removed from the Home screen but you’ll still receive recommendations from third parties.

Resetting the password

Resetting the password to the lock screen on an Amazon fire tablet is easy but you must first back up all your data on your device. You can also do a factory reset if you cannot remember your password. You must have at least 30% battery power to perform a factory reset. To recover your password follow these instructions. Note that it may take several attempts before the device responds to the instructions.

To restore your device to factory defaults follow these steps. Start by pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume Up button. Hold these buttons until the Amazon logo appears. If the device is still frozen you may need to hold the Power button to turn it on again. You will be taken to the system recovery screen where you can reset your tablet. To restore your tablet to factory settings swipe data and then press the ‘wipe data’ button. If you don’t want to lose your data you can use the Parental Controls to reset the password. However remember that you have to sign in to your account before you can use your parental controls.

Changing the background of the lock screen

To change the background of the lock screen on an Amazon fire tablet you must first root the device. By rooting you gain access to the operating system code and enable various customization options. Rooting can void the device’s warranty and render it useless. Only a seasoned Android user should attempt this procedure. However once you have successfully rooted the device you can begin changing the lock screen wallpaper.

The first step is to enable the 1-Click button. After you click the button you will be prompted to make a payment of $15 plus tax. After you’ve paid you’ll get a notification email from Amazon. From then on you will be able to customize the background of the lock screen without being bombarded with ads. This method is perfect for users who are concerned with privacy.

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