How to Change Discord Font

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If you’re wondering how to change the font on Discord you’ve come to the right place. You can change the font size the space between words and even the zoomed-in words. The good news is that Discord will let you preview these changes before committing them. If you don’t like the changes you can revert to their default settings at any time. There are also a few other options available to change the font.


Discord users love to write custom statuses in their channels to communicate with their fellow users. Many users wonder how they can bold or italicize these statuses. While you can use the same bold command on your status it is not possible to italicize or bold your entire message. Fortunately it is easy to bold specific words in your status using the double-asterisks (*) symbol.

If you’d like to use bold text in Discord there are two options for you: you can bold italic text or bold underlined text. When you change the font color you should use asterisks instead of underscores. You can also change the color of your text using the advanced coloring options in Discord. These options are available for any character including numbers. If you want to bold text on your Discord chat you can type two asterisks (**) and one underscore (*) in the message.


Italics in Discord font is a simple yet effective way to emphasize a word. You can bold a whole word or just a word in a chat message. The method is similar to HTML’s strong tag but it uses slanted characters instead of a solid font. Discord supports both styles so it is easy to use them for your next message. You can use the Shift + 8 keyboard shortcut to insert an asterisk at the beginning or end of your message.

Moreover you can also use the italics feature to emphasize text. You can make any text in a channel bold or underlined by using the Discord text formatting command. To use the italics feature you should add two asterisks (*) at the start and end of the text. This will make your text stand out from the rest. Moreover if you want to use the bold text format you can add color to the message by using the discord.


Strikethrough text is a type of formatting used in Discord. Instead of normal text you can use it to emphasize particular words or phrases. To use this formatting style you must type two tildes ” symbols before and after the text you want to highlight. To turn this text style on or off follow the steps below. Once you have mastered these tips you can start using strikethrough text on Discord.

To create a strikethrough text in Discord use the markdown language. The markdown language supports many styles including strikethrough text. You can also use the punctuation menu or the tilde key to format your text. If you’re using a Mac you can type strikethrough text in your message’s body. This method will also let you format the body of the text. You can format the text in Discord by typing ‘/txt’ or ‘/r/txt’ in your message.


Using the Discord keyboard you can underline text in your message. Simply press Ctrl or Cmd+U and press the text you want underlined. In a standard English keyboard layout asterisk (*) and tilde (tilde) are found on the same key as ‘8’. If you don’t have these keys on your keyboard you’ll need to add the necessary symbols before and after the text you want to underline.

Once you learn to use Discord’s text formatting features you’ll want to know how to change italic bold and underline text. There are several basic and complex ways to do this and once you try it once you’ll be hooked. Just make sure to follow a simple guide that will walk you through the entire process. You’ll be hooked within minutes. In this guide you’ll learn how to change Discord’s text formatting options to suit your preferences.

Strikethrough Italics

Strikethrough italics are a useful formatting option to use when writing in Discord. This style is often used for sarcastic sentences. Some people get annoyed by this so you may want to learn how to change strikethrough italics in Discord. To do this you’ll need to highlight the text with the mouse or keyboard. Highlighting will show you the various styling options available for the text.

To change italics you can either use an asterisk or two stars. You can also use two underscores or three asterisks. Strikethrough italics require three asterisks. If you want to use both bold italics and underlined text wrap each one with two asterisks. The same applies to code blocks. Just remember to wrap the text in asterisks if you want it to appear bold underlined or bold italics.

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