How to Change Clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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In Pokemon Sword and Shield you can change your outfit whenever you like by visiting the changing rooms in the game. Using the d-pad you can browse through all of the outfits available and select the ones you want. The game allows you to change your clothes as much as you want and even save your progress while doing so. Here are a few tips to help you change your clothes in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Gym uniforms

In Pokemon Sword and Shield you can switch your uniforms to match the occasion. You can choose from the many different styles available. You can buy replica uniforms from Gym Leaders so you can wear them outside of battles. But if you’re stuck with the default white uniform you can easily buy an alternate one for 18000 Watts. Alternatively you can visit clothing shops to change your outfit.

Changing your uniforms is possible in Pokemon Sword and Shield but you have to remember to change them before a battle. Pokemon Sword and Shield allows you to wear different gym uniforms but they’re not visible when you’re in a gym challenge. You can change your outfit by going to the trial room clicking on the items and changing them. But if you’re a gym leader you can’t change your uniforms while inside a gym battle so you must change them before starting a game.

Changing your bike outfit

Changing your bike outfit in Pokemon Sword and Shield is fairly easy to do. First you need to talk to a man in white outside of a Day Care Center in the Wild Area. Once you’ve spoken with him you can select from a range of different bike colors. Afterward select the makeover option to change your bike’s color and outfit. Now your bike will have a brand-new look.

In the previous installment of the Pokemon Sword and Shield players could customize their bikes by unlocking upgrades adding water wheels or changing the color of the gear. This time players have access to a variety of different colors and outfits which you can match with your Pokemon and other outfits. To unlock a new color and bike outfit players must find the Bike Lady who can be found just across the first bridge and heading toward the dojo.

Changing your trainer uniform

Changing your trainer uniform is an interesting feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield a game that adds many new features to the franchise. Trainers are able to wear a variety of different outfits depending on the Pokemon they’re fighting. Although the game doesn’t specify where or how you can change your trainer uniform you can earn different outfits by completing Raids. As the game developer Game Freak is constantly adding new Raid events players can expect to see more of these options in future releases.

Changing your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield can be a fun way to spice up your character. Changing your trainer outfit can help you become more effective in battle by adding variety to your team. This way you can easily distinguish your trainers from one another and your teammates will notice this more than usual. By changing your trainer uniform you can also track your team’s score and points.

Changing your bike outfit in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In the game Pokemon Sword and Shield one of the ways to customize your character is by changing the color of your bike. You can change your bike’s color by talking to the white man outside the Day Care Center in the Wild Area. To do this select the option ‘Makeover.’

Before you go to the Isle of Armor you can customize your bike with different colors and designs. A black bike has a special coating while a white bike shines with stars. Changing the color of your bike gear will allow you to change your outfit to match the rest of your Pokemon. In the game you can choose between two different options: white or black. You can also choose a color that matches the lead Pokemon in your party.

Changing your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Changing your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword allows you to have a different look every time you battle. You can either choose to wear a ready-made uniform or customize one yourself. However you cannot change your uniform during a gym battle. Fortunately the game allows you to unlock new uniforms once you defeat the gym leader. These new uniforms can be worn outside of the gym too.

Changing your trainer’s uniform is easy in Pokemon Sword and Shield even if you’re not playing in the Gym Challenge mode. In the Gym Challenge mode players can only wear challenger uniforms made of white material. It’s important to note that you can change your uniform number before you play the game but you can’t change it later. Thankfully there are many Hair Salons throughout the game that allow you to change your look as much as you want.

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