How to Add Music Bots to Discord

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You can add music bots to Discord. There are a couple of ways to do this. First you need to login to Discord select your music server and authorize the bot. Once you’ve done that the bot will install itself on your server. It then responds to voice commands and starts playing music for you. If you’re looking for a music bot that’s easy to use this is the way to go.


You can add the FredBoat music bot to Discord to listen to the latest tunes in your server without the need for an internet connection. This bot offers access to thousands of tracks from a variety of sources. It supports virtually any radio station in the world. It comes with basic controls and features like server and voice channel count. You can also customize its settings to choose the type of music you want to hear.

The music bot has many features that make it an excellent choice for users. It’s super easy to use and doesn’t interfere with your server’s functionality. FredBoat supports various music services like YouTube SoundCloud Bandcamp and direct links. It also supports multiple languages allows you to make playlists with songs you love and even lets you listen to livestreams from Twitch. You can even add your playlist to the bot’s queue and put the whole thing on repeat.


To add an Octave music bot to your discord server first create a user and then invite Octave through its link. When you’ve invited the bot make sure that your account has sufficient permissions. Also make sure to enter your Captcha which is necessary to allow the bot access to your account. Once you’ve invited Octave it will appear in a general text channel which can be used for various purposes such as playing music.

There are a lot of different features in Octave. It can create playlists from various platforms and shuffle the songs. Users can vote to skip songs if they don’t like them. Octave also provides lyrics for songs. Its official website and Discord server are both worth checking out if you want to find out more about the app. Once you install it you can enjoy your music in a discord server in no time!


One of the best Discord bots for moderation is MEE6. This bot not only plays music but it also plays quizzes plays videos and is a visual player. You can customize its functions to allow it to play music on any Discord voice channel or you can restrict it to a specific role. With a visual player you can monitor the queue manage playlists and repeat songs.

MEE6 bot integrates several platforms with a discord server and acts as an automated social sharing bot. It also offers visual music players unlike other music bots which require users to input commands to play skip and queue music. It also plays playlists from YouTube. Unlike other bots this one is free and easy to install. Here are the steps to install MEE6 bot for Discord:


If you want to add music to Discord you may be wondering how to add Hydra music bot. This bot has a lot of features and is very easy to navigate. The web dashboard makes it easy to see what the bot is playing and what commands it’s listening to. You can also add music from YouTube and have it play it right inside your Discord server. You can easily add Hydra to your Discord server and your users will love it!

The Hydra bot allows you to create a playlist and play the tracks from that list. It also allows you to vote on songs that you don’t like skip them and shuffle them. There are also admin commands to change language and ban people from the bot. You can even choose to make the bot your DJ and control which songs are played. If you use this bot you can make your Discord server feel like a music club and have the music you want playing all the time.

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