How to Access the YouTube Desktop Site on Your iPhone

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If you’re having trouble accessing the YouTube desktop site on your iPhone you may want to know how to switch to the desktop version. This article will provide you with all the information you need to access the desktop version of YouTube. You’ll learn about the features and requirements required to view videos on YouTube on your iPhone. If you’re still having trouble consider uninstalling the YouTube app from your iPhone before you try other methods.


When you want to watch YouTube videos on iPhone you can now use its desktop site. YouTube’s desktop site is compatible with most browsers including Firefox Chrome and Safari. Here are some of the features you can expect from the desktop site:

To use YouTube on iPhone you’ll need to enable desktop mode. YouTube doesn’t offer sufficient screen real estate to simulate a desktop experience but it has many other ideas. The desktop site is straightforward to use but there are a few extra steps you must take to fully enjoy it. Here are some tips for doing this. To enable desktop mode on your iOS device go to the settings menu and look for ‘mobile mode.’


If you have an iPhone you can access the desktop version of YouTube from your iOS device. There are several ways to open this version of the website including by tapping on the Home button. To open the desktop version of YouTube your iPhone must be equipped with JavaScript. Most iOS devices already have JavaScript installed so all you need to do is enable this option. Otherwise you can’t enjoy the full potential of YouTube on your iPhone.

To access YouTube’s desktop version on your iPhone you must be running the latest versions of Safari Opera Mini Mozilla Firefox and a compatible web browser. You can then add the desktop site to your Home Screen by tapping the bookmark icon and swiping down. If you’ve already installed the YouTube desktop site you can skip the next step. All these steps will take just a few seconds.

Ways to access

There are a couple of ways to access YouTube’s desktop website on your iPhone or iPad. If you’ve been using the YouTube mobile app you may find that it’s not working correctly. You can uninstall the mobile app and access the desktop version of the website. There are also a few methods for accessing Twitter’s desktop site that don’t require jailbreaking your device. Read on to find out how to access both of these methods.

First of all open a web browser on your iOS device. From the web browser search for YouTube and then tap on the desktop site link. Once you do this you can access YouTube’s desktop version on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure that you enable JavaScript before you use the desktop version as the mobile site will not work without it. The desktop version of YouTube has some great features that you’ll appreciate.

Requirements for viewing

If you are looking for a way to watch YouTube videos on your iPhone you may not have been able to find a way to do it with the default browser. However you can force your iPhone to use the desktop site. To do this you must open the Safari browser and use its settings to open the full YouTube site. This will display the entire website without a cut-off part and will consume less data than the mobile version. The amount of data consumed will depend on the resolution and length of the video.

Once you have enabled JavaScript in your iPhone you can open the desktop version of YouTube. To do so open the YouTube website and click on the menu button on the upper-left corner. From there click on ‘Desktop Site’ in the menu. To launch the desktop site select the YouTube page. After that tap the circular arrow icon and select ‘Request Desktop Site’.

Requirements to view in desktop mode

You may be wondering how to watch YouTube on your iPhone in desktop mode. In fact it’s available on Android and iOS devices too. To view the YouTube desktop version on your iPhone you must have the following requirements:

First you must have a computer that can run the YouTube application. The iPhone is not equipped with a built-in browser. Instead it’s better to download a browser that supports desktop mode. Opera Mini is one of the best choices. It allows instant mobile access to many popular websites. Safari and Chrome do not support this feature so you’ll need to use another browser if you want to use YouTube in desktop mode on your iPhone.

Ways to switch back to mobile view

The first step in switching back to a mobile view on YouTube is to find out which device you’re using. If you’re on a desktop you can change the settings on your computer to ‘mobile mode’ and click the corresponding button. For Android devices you can also search for ‘mobile mode’ in the settings menu. If you’re on a desktop you can find this setting under the ‘Mobile’ option.

Alternatively you can also use the Safari browser to change your default search engine. In Safari you can select the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option from the settings menu. Alternatively you can choose the ‘Request desktop site’ option by long-pressing the refresh icon. The desktop version of YouTube will automatically open when you open it in this mode. However if you’re on a mobile device you can change your default browser to a mobile browser.

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