How to 1v1 in CSGO

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If you want to learn how to 1v1 in CSGO then keep reading. In this article we’ll discuss the best weapons for AK and M4 how to play angles and a few other useful tips. Besides we’ll also show you a few cool Console commands. Hopefully these tips will help you improve your game too. So let’s get started!

AK or M4

AK and M4 have their pros and cons and you should be able to pick one based on your playstyle. For example if you’re good at long range and can use bursts of 2-3 shots you should consider the M4. However the AK is more powerful when used correctly. As such you should avoid using a single shot with the M4.

The best weapon to use for 1v1 in CSCGO is the AK M4 or M4 depending on your style of play. There are many other considerations but a good starting weapon is the most versatile weapon. Aim to be near the enemy or close to them. A good weapon choice will depend on your level of skill as well as the type of map you are playing.


One of the most popular maps for 1v1 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Awp. Known for its bright colors and large areas this map is a good choice for players who want to get the upper hand. Its simple yet efficient layout allows players to strafe opponents from long range while avoiding being seen. The map’s name implies that it is ideal for professional practice.

There are many different ways to play AWP in CSGO. You can kick bots end warmup and use various other 1v1 commands. These commands can be downloaded and stored in the Steam folder. This will prevent your opponent from using unfair commands or wallhacking you. AWP is an excellent choice for training in 1v1 and 5v1 events. This is also a great map to use as a showcase for CSGO pros.


One of the most important aspects of 1v1 strategy in CSGO is holding your angle. While it takes a bit of map knowledge and game sense holding angles can make a huge difference in winning games. There are some key things to remember when holding an angle and this will help you win the game faster. Listed below are a few pointers to improve your positioning. Follow these pointers to maximize your chance of winning.

Practice in the right locations. A great place to practice your headshots is on a map with a lot of corners. You can practice your angle by using ladders or other obstacles on the map. Depending on where you spawn you can even practice your vertical flicks. The map itself is also worth checking out as it has over 325 ratings on Steam Workshop. It also features a fully functional radar that can give you a tactical advantage if used correctly.

Console commands

If you’re in a casual game you may want to use one of the console commands for 1v1 in CSGO to help you out. These commands can be useful for kicking bots and ending warmup. You can download the config for 1v1 in the Steam folder or you can use the exec config_1v1 command in game. These commands will prevent wallhacking and unfair commands from being used against you.

You must first enable CSGO’s 1v1 script. Type exec 1v1 to activate the script. If you’re on a public server run sv_cheats 0 to prevent others from cheating. Once the script is loaded select a map from the ‘Workshop Maps’ folder. Select the map you’d like to play on and press Enter.

CS:GO 1v1 map

The Aim_Biove_Texture CS:GO 1v1 map is one of the most popular 1v1 maps. Its focus is on recognizing player’s movement patterns and preventing the other players from spotting their own players. However this map has become outdated and is no longer recommended by many players. The best CS:GO 1v1 map is the one that you’re most familiar with and will help you improve your 1v1 gameplay.

You can find a variety of CSGO 1v1 maps on the Steam Workshop. These maps are smaller than the default map and have more opportunities for action than the default map. Once you find the right map for your game you can invite your friends to a match or join the lobby for a competition. Aside from the competitive mode 1v1 maps are also useful for training with real opponents. To download a map you’ll need to activate the developer console and install a custom game mode.

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