How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

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Blocking someone on Discord isn’t hard – if you know their ID and username. However blocking someone just because you think they’re annoying won’t save you any money! The easiest way to check whether someone has blocked you is to click on their profile in your PM list. You can then click on the ‘three dots’ in the upper right corner of the screen to open their profile.

7 ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Discord

If you’re unsure of whether someone has blocked you on Discord you can try sending them a friend request. This is easier than it might sound. You simply have to open their profile and click the ‘Send Friend Request’ button. If they have blocked you your friend request will fail. Discord reports a ‘Blocked’ message if you misspell the person’s name.

Another way to determine if someone has blocked you is to reply to their message. If you can’t reply to their message they’ve blocked you. However you can still read the message if you’ve blocked them. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Show Messages’ button on both desktop and mobile. There are seven ways to find out if someone has blocked you on Discord. You can also use the ‘Clyde bot’ to check the person’s direct messages error notifications or reactions. Or you can even make a call to find out if they’ve blocked you.

When you block someone they won’t be able to ping you or mention your username in any shared server. You can test this by sending them a message in the text or voice channel. If they’re not online try mentioning their name in your chat. If you’re both in the same server the DM will not show the message but you’ll be able to read it.

Clyde bot won’t tell you the reason

If someone blocks you on Discord you may not know the real reason for their decision. You may be blocked by a bot who has not yet activated a mention. Clyde will tell you if someone has blocked you but it won’t tell you the actual reason. However if you were recently talking to someone and were unable to send them a message you may still know why they blocked you.

When you message a Discord user you can choose whether you want to receive a notification or message directly. Some people may be annoying and inappropriate and they may block you. Message reactions are a good way to check if someone has blocked you. You can also use the Clyde bot to find out who has blocked you. You can find the bot on your Discord logo which is located on your desktop.

Unblocking a user

If you’re blocked on Discord you may want to unblock them. To do this you can right-click their username in your list of friends and select Unblock. Once you’ve unblocked them you can add them again as a friend. This way you can share the Discord link with the person you’re blocking again. Just be sure to add the person as a friend again as blocking someone is never easy.

Blocking a user on Discord will prevent you from sending them any messages. It will also prevent you from pinging them or mentioning them in shared servers. However the person you block won’t know about your decision unless they try to send you a message. Because Discord offers different levels of privacy you can choose which message channels you want to share with other users. If you’re looking for a friend to hang out with on Discord you can find them by going to their profile and clicking on the name.

Waiting for them to unblock you

If someone is blocking you on Discord you may not be able to send them any messages until they unblock you. You can try to find out who has blocked you by checking your friend list or pulling up the user’s profile on the shared server. In some cases the message will fail because of a technical glitch so you might need to wait a few days before sending another message.

You can also delete their account. If you delete your account on Discord you’ll never be able to recover it. However if you delete your account you’ll never be able to regain access to your account. It’s best to be aware of local laws and follow them. If someone blocks you on Discord you might be in violation of their rules. This can result in legal action.

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