How do I pair my Roku remote without the pairing button?

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I am an avid techno geek and like keeping my electronic devices updated. I’m using a lot of smart devices and computers in my house for a while, except the television in my home office. Instead I chose the cheaper option of updating the system and installing Roku.

There’s another way in which a regular TV can be converted into a smart TV. For the past couple months I’ve been using Roku on TV. Even with the system running smoothly, some months into use of the remote, the matching button failed.

How do I pair my Roku remote without the pairing button? – Easy steps!

Usually, people don’t realize they can use a remote with no pairing buttons. When a Roku remote has been purchased it will not connect to the remote.This will help you find the button.

If you can’t connect your remote to a suitable place, then your batteries can probably get stuck in the batteries. Some models have pairing buttons there, and many have no pairing buttons. Make sure you’re using a remote. Let’s talk about the situation and then proceed.

Replace your Roku Remote

If you have suffered water or drops damage you can always purchase an additional remote. However, remember the dangers of replacing old malfunctioned devices.

The Roku Remote has a very slow performance, keeps disconnecting and the pairing button won’t work. Unlike the Roku remotes, their usage deteriorates because of their rough handling. Therefore it could be malfunctioning before the Roku can get it working. Roku continuously updates its remote system.

So, investing in a new remote can not only make your life more comfortable and you can use more new functionality.

Your pairing button doesn’t work

Although the remote pairing buttons in the battery compartment are safe, they may damage them if the remote is broken in liquid spillage or thrown out. Neither scenario described earlier will render these buttons useless.

Therefore, it is unlikely that a Roku Remote can easily connect to a device by clicking a button. It’s also possible to use Roku’s Remote Control App for connecting. Eventually, a method has been mentioned here.

If your remote cannot handle a Roku problem, you can simply use Chromecast for streaming the same content from your phone to your TV in a second.

Use the Roku Controller App

Roku’s controller app can be used as a remote control system for Roku even without a Roku Remote. It allows for pairing with Roku remotely when its pair buttons get defective. Download Roku on your smartphone.

This can now be purchased from the App Store or Playstore. Check if the smartphone or the tablet has a Roku connection. During this operation it detects Roku Remote devices. If that fails you may use another method.

If none of these methods work then maybe the remote has a hardware problem. It may be time for another.

Roku Remote has the Pairing Button in a Different Location

This could happen if you can’t find your pairing button on Roku yet. It comes in two kinds of remotes. The remote can be pointed towards your Roku device to relay the remote commands. In contrast, the improved “point-always” remote includes a pairing switch.

Using wireless connectivity, the remote can be controlled without a barrier between the TV and remote device. For information regarding the pairing button in Roku remote, open the battery. The button to connect a couple of batteries lies below its base.

Tell me the pairing button on a Roku remote?

The pairing button in Roku remote synchronizes the device to an external remote control. So it’s easy to take it in your hands. Its buttons are usually located behind the remote. Occasionally, this is found beneath the battery cover.

You can connect devices to the computer by using the pairing button. Roku TVs have a few different buttons. They automatically connect to the remote if turned off. Usually a Roku Stick device needs connection via the paired button.

Sync the Remote Using a Smartphone

This Roku app also includes an option where remotes are available for Roku TVs. The Roku Remote Pairing Tool can be used for connecting remotes without the need for a pairing button.

It only requires a smartphone with Wi-fi connectivity. Here’s how you can check the Roku remote automatically if it has no other remote. The Remote should be working properly. If the Roku remote does not sync, it can be done by following these methods:

Sync the Remote Using the “Pair Remote” Option

It works only if your television can control the settings without utilizing a remote. Tell me the easiest method to use to pair remotes. If so, you should start troubleshooting your remote and restarting your Roku devices.

Roku Remotes don’t need to be paid

As I previously stated, there are no Roku remotes which have match button, therefore it does not require that any Roku remotes be connected directly to the Roku device. If the remote has IR restriction, you don’t get any synchronization.

Remotes can be reprogrammed according to their system requirements. You just put the device on the Roku device to receive the commands you need. These work the same as standard remote devices.

Unpair Your Old Roku Remote

Before you can use eKio Remote you should disconnect the Roku Remote from the previous one. The remote cannot be accessed by a newly linked computer without doing so. It’s necessary that paired buttons be used to remove a previous remote.

Tell me the first steps you should take to disconnect the remote when the button doesn’t work. Wait a few seconds to change the battery.

Pair Your New Roku Remote

The button to connect to Roku is still needed to connect to the Roku. You should use an updated Roku remote and you need to connect to the Roku devices.

You can use the Roku controller application to match the Roku remote when the pairing button isn’t working. Do the remotes on the Roku need to be re-charged or replaced to check their battery?

Roku Models that Support IR Remotes

Almost all the Roku products except the Roku stick connect to remotes. So when your remote is not compatible to the Bluetooth device it may be an IR remote. Roku supports remote control.

How can I solve a Roku remote problem?

Roku products such Remote Controls are extremely inexpensive. Despite this they are no perfect, but sometimes they do malfunction.

Remote doesn’t work or sync

Roku Remotes are often disconnected frequently or simply don’t connect properly. It’ll fix the connection problems between the Remote and Roku devices. If it does not fix your issue you could try replacing battery.

Tip: Some Roku TV systems can automatically start a TV without disconnecting. Just click the Restart option on System Settings. Default settings.


One common problem for Roku remote control devices is the rapid overheating and resulting internal failures. When the remote control gets too cold, you should try replacing it if you feel that it is frequently overheating.


My technology lover desires the best technology. In my home offices apart from television, my home equipment was replaced with Smart devices. Instead, I installed the Roku as a workaround. When up and running, you can then mirror your phone to Roku TV.

There’s also other methods to convert a normal TV to SmartTV. The last few months have been long since the TV started supplying content via HDMI. After a few months usage the pairing button on the remote stopped working, however the system was working properly.

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