How do i connect my bluetooth to sonos?

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Like most Bluetooth devices, Sonos Move should automatically connect in the future unless one of the devices is reset. You can’t pair Sonos devices with a Bluetooth connection because they don’t use Bluetooth. Sonos speakers and devices such as the Sonos Beam (on Amazon), for example, are explicitly designed as multi-room high-fidelity audio systems that are connected to each other via a network connection. Whatever Sonos device you get, you can rest assured that you can easily connect it to each other over a WiFi network.

When a new device is connected, Sonos Move forgets the device that was most connected in the past.

How do I connect my iPhone to Sonos?

Before you learn how to connect your iPhone to Sonos speakers, you should first learn how Sonos works. I have the Sonos app on both my iMac and my iPhone, downloaded the playlists to my iPhone, but I can’t play them on my Sonos. The free Sonos app lets you connect and control all the different Sonos products you have in your home. When you subscribe to Apple Music, you can use the Sonos Controller app on your iPhone or iPad to stream the service to any Sonos speakers you own.

If you happen to own an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, you might want to connect it to the Sonos speakers.

Can’t connect to Sonos Move?

If your Sonos won’t connect to new Wi-Fi, a new router, or a new network, make sure you’re connecting your device correctly. We’ll see if customer service is better; how will the replacement work or support gave me a line about it being defective, and if so, what will they do about it? Joint corrections Finally, after many hours of my time over several days and being treated as an idiot, they approved the RMA replacement. If the Sonos application still doesn’t detect your WiFi network, a workaround through your router may be the solution.