How can i tell if my sonos connect:amp is gen 2?

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Setup is easy and you can play. It would be great if Sonos built into them the ability to control more than one set of speakers so you can create surround sound. However, to do so, you’ll need to buy the PlayBar (another excellent product), as well as its subwoofer and speaker. I spoke with a Sonos representative, provided my serial number for the connect to verify S2 compatibility, and was told it was S2 compatible. That means the Sonos apps are updated multiple times a year, so anything you might currently disagree with can be corrected in a future update.

Apple TV supports all Sonos services as well as iTunes Match, and you use an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad as a remote control.

How can I tell if my Sonos Connect: Amp is Gen 2?

You’ll all continue to work together, but your newer devices will need to stay on Sonos S1 to do so. Since setup is so easy for amateurs, I wish Sonos sold or advertised a device to determine the correct ohm of the speakers by simply testing the cables. Sonos is an American audio product developer and manufacturer, best known for its multi-room audio products. All older devices (as in the list below) can continue with the older Sonos controller software that was renamed Sonos S1 when the S2 software was launched.

If you don’t want to continue using your affected Sonos devices in the future, you can use the company’s Trade Up program instead.

Does Sonos still support Connect:Amp?

Sonos now says you can create two separate Sonos systems to keep your newer devices up to date. The alternative, of course, is to upgrade your older Sonos kit to a newer Sonos kit, and the company is making this more cost-effective with its Trade Up program, where customers get 30 percent off a new Sonos product when one of these legacy products is recycled. Sonos tells me that it will roll out a way for customers who want to continue using their legacy hardware to separate these old products from their main Sonos system. This older version is very similar to the new model, but it lacks a polycarbonate grille, the newer eARC connector, and support for Dolby Atmos.

Has Sonos discontinued Connect:Amp?

Second, it has a 12-volt trigger that allows the port to automatically power on the connected receiver when it is signaled via the Sonos app. You look crazy and your Sonos speaker is making some bizarre noises, but your smartphone is actually listening and measuring how the sound is reflected in the room. A lot of this isn’t really down to Sonos, but to the third parties it works with to create the experience it delivers. But the announcement was even more offensive when the company originally said that your entire ecosystem of Sonos devices would no longer receive updates, so all of your devices were using the same firmware version.

Buying a discontinued Sonos product can be a good choice if you’re looking for a deal and understand that it may no longer be supported sooner than a newer product.

Is Sonos Connect: Amp good?

And let’s remember that Sonos as a whole is still way ahead in terms of streaming capabilities. That means it can play virtually all the music under the sun, from more or less any music streaming service you’ve ever heard of (and a lot you don’t have), and work together with other Sonos devices to fill your entire house with melodies. The Sonos amp is loads of fun, but it doesn’t quite deliver the subtlety and sophistication you can expect when you spend that kind of money on hi-fi equipment. The Sonos app is as fluid and intuitive as ever, and it’s still ahead of the copycat oceans, but the company is moving more and more towards a hands-free future.