How an RGB Hub Can Enhance Your Gaming Experience

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If you’re looking for a way to enhance your gaming experience an RGB hub can be the perfect accessory. Its two channels feature four individual ports. The power output circuit source is completely independent. To ensure proper operation manage the power supply. The bundled cables are flat and black. The RGB hub is compatible with most motherboards. Here’s a breakdown of its features. Also learn how it works with compatible motherboards.

SilverStone CPL02-E

The SilverStone CPL02-E enables users to connect up to 8 A-RGB devices to one hub. The hub has 8x A-RGB cables and is powered by the motherboard’s SATA interface. It comes with dual-sided self-adhesive mounts for securing the device into a chassis. For ease of installation the hub includes installation instructions a user guide and a warranty card.

The SilverStone CPL02-E has 8 digital addressable RGB connections that connect to a motherboard’s ADD header. It uses motherboard software to control connected peripherals. It’s compatible with ASRock Polychrome Sync MSI Mystic Light Sync Gigabyte RGB Fusion and ASUS Aura Sync. Unlike other RGB hubs the CPL02-E has two USB-C ports for charging your PC.

Phanteks Digital RGB

If you have ever wanted to install RGB lighting in your computer you’ve most likely seen the Phanteks Digital RGB Controller Hub. This device allows you to control all of your computer’s lighting with the push of a button and it’s also priced competitively with other RGB controller hubs. You can connect up to nine D-RGB products to the hub at once and you can even connect it to a motherboard with a D-RGB header to feed the RGB signal to your computer.

The Phanteks Digital RGB Controller HUB is compatible with all Phanteks D-RGB products including LED strips and RGB fans. It also features a three-button remote for easy control. Compatible motherboards should also support D-RGB products as the controller supports up to nine of them. The D-RGB controller is compatible with a wide range of motherboards and it even supports Mystci Light Sync and Aura Sync.

Delock RGB hub

This is a 5V connector RGB hub for use with a RGB5V stik. It comes with 10 ports so you can be individually belysned. The Delock RGB hub is magnetic and uses a five-volt connector to power the 10 ports. Delock’s RGB hub has a patented design that allows individual belysning. It also has a 10V power adapter so you can add it to any existing circuit.

The Delock RGB hub is designed to be connected to motherboards that feature an addressable RGB 5 V connector. With its 10 ports it extends the internal LED lighting. Its bottom features two magnets for mounting the hub in the computer case. The Delock RGB hub is a great way to extend your computer’s internal LED lighting. But before you buy one be sure to read all the instructions carefully. They will help you install the product correctly.

Compatible motherboards

Using RGB lighting on your PC can enhance your gaming experience and spruce up your setup. Gaming enthusiasts use lighting to set up a unique look for their gaming room. Your motherboard plays a large part in aesthetics. You should choose a motherboard that supports RGB lighting. For better performance you can also use software to sync up your RGB components with your motherboard. Below are some tips for selecting the best motherboard for RGB lighting.

White goes well with RGB hues which give off a chilled vibe. When building a PC RGB setup many users choose white or silver components. One white motherboard is the MSI Z690 Force. With a smooth performance and an extended VRM heatsink the MSI Z690 Force is a good choice for RGB lighting. Whether you’re looking for a cheap motherboard or a high-end system the MSI Z690 Force is the perfect choice.

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