Home Theater Setup for Small Room Ideas

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When investing in a new television, then one of the main things people purchase alongside this is a good home theater system. The right home theater system can turn a good movie into a great one, and if you like horror films, it’s an essential for quality viewing.

If you’re moving into a small apartment, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your home theater. There are ways that you can setup your home theater with limited space, as long as you take into account just how much space you actually have.

In fact, sometimes a smaller space can actually be beneficial for travelling sound. A smaller space can help to create a good atmosphere, which we all know is an essential part of watching any movie. Anyway, here’s a few suggestions if you’re going to be using a home theater system in a small space.

Home Theater System for Small Rooms

The first thing that you’re going to want to do before you get started is to head over to dolby.com or an equivalent and use their speaker guide. Whilst this isn’t an essential positioning map for your speakers, it can definitely give you a really good idea of the best positions for them around your living room.

Generally, the majority of small home theater setups are going to be 5.1. If you aren’t familiar with these numbers, they just explain the amount of front, center and surround speakers that you’re going to have. So if you have a 5.1.2 setup, you’ll have 5 front speakers, 1 center speaker and 2 surround speakers. Whereas if you have a 9.1.4 setup, you’ll have 9 front speakers, 1 center and 4 surrounds. Simple.

For most people, a 5.1 is going to be ideal. Here’s a diagram of what this should look like


This is generally what a good start up surround system should feature. Now if you’re opting to get some in ceiling speakers, then you’ll want to position them somewhere in between.


This is the basic layout that you want to try and achieve. Now even though in the image above this is fairly spread out, this doesn’t mean that you have to follow this example to achieve this yourself. You can make things closer together if necessary as your lounge doesn’t have to be huge for this to work.

What speakers do I need for a Home Theater Surround Sound Setup?

When you have a home theater in a small room, you’re going to be limited on space. However, you can still set up a home theater system and enjoy it. A Home Theater System is something that every movie lover would like to have in their house. Home cinema makes your watching experience more enjoyable especially if the room you’re watching it in is small or does not have a great viewing angle.

There are several ways of setting up a Home Cinema. The easiest way is by purchasing an all-in-one Home Theatre System with built-in Speakers acquired from manufacturers like Panasonic or Sony, but it may be expensive as compared to buying individual components separately and hooking them together yourself.

When you go for individual components, pick Home Cinema speakers that match each other’s frequency range and sensitivity.

For a good home theater setup, you should look to include;

  • A Center Channel Speaker – A center channel speaker is important for ensuring that you get enough volume from your sound system.
  • A left and right front speaker – A left and right front speaker are also a part of a home theater setup. If you want to conceal some of the speakers, then you can look at getting some in wall speakers instead. This is a good way to save space in your lounge, though it can be hard to install them.
  • 2 extra surround speakers – Ideally you’ll want to invest in two more surround speakers that you can place behind the sofa itself.
  • A subwoofer – This is one of the main parts of a good home theater system, as it allows you to get some bass from your system. You can also look at in wall subwoofers for this, too.

If you’re looking for a visual idea of what a good, small surround system can look like, here’s an example;


Overall, you don’t need a ton of different speakers to ensure that you’re going to get a good sound experience. If you have a small home or you’re looking for a setup in a bedroom, then you’ll be just as happy with a good 5.1 setup. In a small room with less ability for sound to travel, this can actually be good – especially if you like watching horror movies with a good atmosphere.

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