G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite Review

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The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite comes in a sleek silver or black box. Inside there are several features that you can customize with Asus’ Aura software. Modules Light bar and Heatsink are the most common accessories but you can also customize other aspects of the Trident Z Royal Elite. Let’s see what these features can do for you. After all if you’re looking for more performance and control you’ve come to the right place.


The memory kit included in the G.Skill Trident Z Royal memory kit features excellent specifications and low latency. These memory modules are also designed for stability and compatibility. The memory kit will be available worldwide in May. If you’re interested in upgrading your system’s memory consider upgrading to the Trident Z Royal. The memory kit will also allow you to sync system lighting. For more information visit the company’s website.

The latest DDR4 memory modules from G.Skill feature a crown-jewel design. The memory modules are cooled with polished aluminium heatspreaders. They feature 8-zone RGB lighting and an ultra-efficient design. They are available in both gold and silver color schemes. The Trident Z Royal is a premium RGB gaming PC. The memory module is available in two capacities: 16GB and 32GB. The modules feature RGB lighting and 8 programmable zones.

Light bar

The new Trident Z Royal is a crown jewel in the flagship Trident Z series. The light bar is crystal clear and disperses RGB colors throughout the LED display. The gold and silver heatsinks add a touch of luxury to the device. The 8-zone RGB lighting is also controllable and comes with luxurious polishing. G.Skill has taken a year to perfect the design and it’s now available in the market.

The new Trident Z Royal is the latest addition to the flagship line of memory cards. The crown jewel design is a crown jewel in itself. The light bar scatters RGB colors while LED lighting illuminates the memory modules. It also boasts gold and silver-colored polished aluminum heat spreaders. The memory modules are kept cool by these heatspreaders which feature the classic tri-fin design. A microfiber cloth is included with each memory kit.


A redesigned heatsink for G.SKill Trident Z Royal Elite makes an impressive impression. It matches the crystalline theme of the light diffuser. The Trident Z Royal Elite heatsink has 76 facets which reflect the RGB lighting to give a regal look to the entire system. Moreover it has a patented radiant crystalline light bar which is the perfect combination for a dazzling reflective display.

While the new memory module from Trident features a heatsink with a crystal-like design it still doesn’t lack in performance. It has a 16 GB kit and a 128 GB kit. The memory is available in gold and silver colors and it’s likely to contain Samsung and SK Hynix components. The heatspreader on the Trident Z Royal Elite features a 76-facet mirrored heatspreader to reflect RGB lighting in all directions.

Asus Aura software

If you’re looking for a motherboard that will support Asus’s Aura lighting control software the Trident Z Royal is an excellent choice. However be aware that support for this software might vary depending on the motherboard you’re using. It will not work with all RAM kits but the Asus Aura software will allow you to control the lighting effects in the system. It is possible to sync your system lighting to the color of your RAM with the Asus Aura software and is fully customizable.

The Asus Aura software for the Trident X Royal is available for free and is a great addition to your new gaming laptop. It offers a range of lighting effects and customization options to suit your gaming style. The RGB lights in the Trident X Royal can be controlled individually or in groups of six with up to 15-16-17-36 zones available. The Trident Z Royal’s LEDs are also controlled using two different software options – a traditional RGB switch and an Asus Aura-exclusive one.

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