Forza Horizon 5 Crashing on Startup

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If your computer is crashing while you’re playing Forza Horizon 5 you may be experiencing an issue with Windows’ startup programs. To resolve this problem you must first uninstall any 3rd party antivirus software. Next you should delete any startup programs that are installed on your PC. If these steps are not successful you can also try updating the drivers for your graphics card. If none of these steps solves the issue you can try terminating the Xbox app.

Uninstalling 3rd party antivirus software

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes and errors during startup it’s probably the fault of your antivirus software. If so try to uninstall or disable it temporarily. Depending on the antivirus software it may be causing a conflict or a negative-positive situation by itself. To remove it locate it in Programs and Features and right-click it. Then reboot your PC if prompted.

Another cause of Forza 5 crashing on startup is the use of MSI Afterburner or RTSS. Generally you can disable these programs by using Task Manager. Uninstalling the antivirus software will also fix the crashing problem. Sometimes 3rd-party antivirus software is preventing the game from working properly. Uninstalling the antivirus program will allow the game to run properly.

Uninstalling startup programs

If your Forza Horizon 5 game keeps crashing on startup you may be having an issue with your antivirus software. Uninstalling it from your computer will help solve this issue. To find out which applications are causing the problem you can open the Start Menu and click on Settings. Then select the Apps & Settings tab. Here you will see a list of programs and services. To remove them simply select the ones you don’t want to run.

Secondly you must update your GPU drivers. Make sure you download the latest drivers from the official website. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can use a driver software that will do this for you. If this doesn’t work try disabling any third-party antivirus software or Windows Defender. If you can’t do these steps it may be a sign that your GPU isn’t up to par with Forza Horizon 5.

Updating graphics card drivers

If you’re experiencing Forza 5 crashing on startup you probably need to update your graphics card drivers. This is a relatively simple process that you can complete manually or automatically depending on your launcher. If you can’t find the drivers you need on your computer visit the manufacturer’s website to get the latest version. If you’re experiencing this problem make sure to disable third-party anti-virus software before you attempt to update your graphics card drivers.

Next you should check your system requirements for the game. Some of the latest games require a lot of system performance. You can fix this by checking the minimum requirements. If you have a low-end computer you might need to update your software or hardware to meet those requirements. To download the latest driver package click the ‘Update’ button in the Display adapters section of Windows Settings. This should automatically download the latest driver package.

Terminating Xbox app

If you’re having trouble starting Forza Horizon 5 you may want to check the Windows 10 settings. To resolve this error try resetting the Windows 10 device then restarting the Xbox app. If you can’t fix the error try checking the Queue. If you see no queue check if the device is connected to the internet. If it is try rebooting your Xbox and restarting the game. This should fix the error.

Another cause for Forza Horizon 5 crashes on startup is a conflict with third-party software. It could also be the corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package. If the package is corrupted programs that depend on it will not work. Repairing Visual C++ will resolve the problem. If the issue persists try uninstalling and reinstalling Forza. You can also try to update your Windows 10 by attempting the steps outlined above.

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