Fixing Plex Is Not Reachable Errors

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If you’ve tried a number of things and still received the ‘Plex is not reachable’ error message you’re not alone. There are plenty of other reasons that this error could occur and some of them can be easily solved. In this article we’ll look at how to solve the problem in a few different ways. The first method we’ll look at involves clearing your cookies and cache. However if these measures are unsuccessful you can always try to trace the MAC address of the server computer.

Clearing cache and cookies fixes plex is not reachable error

If you keep getting a Plex is not reachable error message you should try clearing your cookies and cache. It is likely that your Plex server is not reachable when connected to an outside network. You can also try connecting to a VPN Service which will enable you to access different servers. VPN Service can avoid congestion and throttling. Finally you can try to fix the settings of your transcoder. In the Settings menu go to Server and Transcoder. If this does not fix the error try wiping the dust off your device.

In addition to clearing the cache and cookies you should also try relaunching the app. This will fix the error if it was caused by a certain application. If the relaunched app has solved the error it will work for all devices. If not try using a different browser or a different version of the software. However do keep in mind that some older devices might not work with the newer version of Plex.

Using a router with limited bandwidth

If you are experiencing this problem you probably have a limited amount of bandwidth in your home network. Although your network connection is fast Plex will not stream media over it if your router has a limited bandwidth. This is often caused by a limited number of IPs a poorly supported router or by having many users share the same network. If you have this problem there are two possible fixes: either purchase a larger bandwidth router or buy a custom firmware router.

The first fix is to change your router’s settings. If your router is not capable of supporting high-speed internet this could cause Plex to become unresponsive after certain play queue operations. To make sure that Plex is running on the right router try updating it. To do this go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Select System Update from the menu on the left side. Once the update is installed restart your router.

Plugins and channels from third-party providers aren’t included in the zip file

Premium plugins should only be downloaded from a trusted source as they have quality control and security measures in place. Avoid downloading pirated premium plugins because they aren’t worth the risks they pose. They might contain malicious code. If you can find them for free they’re probably not worth it. Plugins from trusted sources are backed by a lifetime warranty and security guarantees.

MAC address of server computer

If you’re using Bonjour to connect to a server you may find that the MAC address of the server computer is not reachable. If this is the case the server computer may not be on the same local network as the Mac. Or the server computer might be protected by a firewall that prevents connections from MAC addresses. In either of these cases a fix for the problem is easy.

Firstly locate the network adapter. Right-click on the adapter. Then select Properties. Choose the Advanced tab. On the Advanced tab you’ll find the network address. Note that you must type it without the colon or dash as in D4FB6A7C31B4. If the MAC address is displayed click OK. If you’re unable to locate the MAC address you can also enter it with random letters and numbers.

Using a router with limited bandwidth causes plex is not reachable error

A router with a limited bandwidth can be the culprit behind the plex is not reachable error. This error occurs when your network is not stable enough to stream high-quality content from Plex. Depending on the type of router you’re using you may not be able to stream 720p content because of the limited bandwidth. However a few easy fixes can resolve the problem.

Changing the default gateway on your router can also be a cause for this problem. Try changing the default gateway to a different one. If you don’t want to change the default gateway in Plex you can change it manually. If you’re using a router with limited bandwidth you can manually specify the public port. If the above doesn’t solve the problem you’ll need to look at other router settings.

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