Fixing Discord Update Failed Loop Mac

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One possible cause of Discord update failed loop Mac is cache issues. Caches are used to store data on your Mac and Discord periodically saves some of this data to hidden macOS folders. To solve this problem clear your Discord cache. To do this open the Finder and select the folders and trash. After the process is complete restart Discord and check if the problem persists. If it does move the folders to the trash or delete them.

Disable Windows Defender

If you have encountered the problem of ‘Discord update failed loop’ you may want to try a few fixes first. First rename the update file. This will force Discord to download a fresh copy of the update. If you still cannot update Discord try to disable Windows Defender. This solution should solve the problem for you. But if you continue to experience the same issue you may want to consider more drastic measures.

If you run out of time you can also try disabling your antivirus program. Normally your antivirus program will automatically detect files as virus threats. When the antivirus program detects them it will delete the core files of the app. Then try to install the updated version again. If the issue still persists you may need to restart your computer. You can also rename the downloaded update file to try another workaround.

Move update folder

Regardless of your computer model there are two ways to fix the Discord update error. The first way is to go to the local app data folder. This folder is located in the Users folder and contains files for other applications that have been installed on your machine. You can rename this folder to any name that you want. It should contain a folder named ‘Discord.’

The second way to fix Discord’s update error is to delete the Discord application support folder. Make sure Discord isn’t running in the background or foreground. Open the Finder and type in the path to the folder where Discord is installed. Next delete the Cache folder. You can also find other folders that are associated with Discord like GPUCache and Code Cache.

Disable proxy server

If you are experiencing problems connecting to Discord you must disable the proxy. To do so open the Internet Options option in the start menu. Under the Connections tab click LAN settings. In the General section untick ‘Use a Proxy server to connect to the internet.’ Discord requires a DNS address provided by Google or Cloudflare. To change it follow the steps below.

If the problem persists you can try to disable your proxy server. Alternatively you can disable your proxy and re-open Discord. If you can’t do this try disabling your VPN or proxy server. You may have to delete some files to remove the issue. However you will no longer receive Discord messages. If you have an internet connection you will be able to use Discord.

Disable firewall

Sometimes users encounter an infinite loop of updates in Discord. This error is caused by a server issue. If this is the case you can try to restart your system. To do this right-click the system and select ‘Essential Settings.’ To disable Windows Defender and antivirus open the Control Panel and enable the firewall. This will enable the Discord application to run properly. You should now be able to launch Discord and experience no further problems.

Some users experience the discord update failure due to a faulty internet connection or a weak connection. To fix this problem you may need to check your firewall settings. Discord will not be able to update if it is blocked by a firewall. Another way to fix this error is by deleting and reinstalling the discord application. Make sure you have the right permissions to run the application.

Move cache files

You may find that your Discord updater is stuck in a perpetual loop because of a conflict with your network settings. You can fix this problem by changing the DNS server to Google Public DNS. To do so open System Preferences and click the option to add DNS server options. Once you have done that try relaunching Discord. If this doesn’t solve your problem try renewing your Mac’s IP address.

Once you’ve successfully cleared the Discord cache files you can reopen the app. You’ll have to use your Discord user credentials in order to log in again. Then you need to move the cache files to a different location. If the cache files are in your home folder you can delete them. To move cache files after discord update failed loop mac

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