Amazon Firestick won’t turn on? Here’s the reason

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Amazon Firesticks are an incredibly popular platform for streaming videos, which makes sense. Like all technological advances they are also subject to some difficulties. A common problem reported here is the firesticks not working.

Fortunately, the fix is simple and effective to try. If you follow these steps one by one you can easily find a solution for any problem you are facing. Never go too fast thinking it will be obvious! If a TV is not turning on or a power cord is plugged off, turn them on. You can disconnect the television. Wait 30 minutes.

Amazon Firestick Won’t Turn On

Firestick allows you to stream video from a TV with a very simple interface. Some customers have reported that their FireTV Sticks won’t turn on until they’re turned on. During firestick activation, the light will not turn up.

This will not appear on the screen at any point because the screen will not be visible to the user when the cable has been hooked up. The power adapter or cable may malfunction. In this case, the power cable is responsible.

The other possibility is that your problem comes from your television, and you must restart your device.

Problems with physical connections

If you use a remote control, Amazon’s firestick won’t work. You may choose HDMI cables if you don’t have a physical connection. A lack of battery will cause connectivity difficulties so it’s advisable that it be replaced.

Physical link is required for the regular tests. When the TV cannot detect the firestick, it causes the collection error. You must ensure the Firestick is connected to a compatible HDMI port and the connection is secured. Make sure fire sticks are turned off when the issue is not solved.

Likewise, your motherboard could have some damage. Motherboard problems are an overheating condition. Under the present circumstances you can also install a new motherboard that requires the fire stick to be sent to a service centre.

Check Firestick setup

First check the firestick setup for proper functioning. However it may be clear that the device may not function on another HDMI port. Using a single connector to check that it works, try touching it and see how it goes.

You can also ensure your device is plugged into your laptop. If there is no power, it must be linked into an outlet or cable. If your device does not have enough power then you can replace it with the original battery adapter. Test whether the firestick issue will ever be fixed.

Replace batteries on Amazon Fire TV Remote

This controller failed because he had no batteries. It’s possible that if your Fire TV’s power supply is too short, it’ll never charge. Unfortunately some users don’t realize the problem and think that their firestick gadget is sleeping permanently.

Check that the TV remotes can be charged to solve a fire alarm not working properly. If you continue to have remotes that have been unreliable, replace them immediately.

Check Wi-Fi Signals

Restarting your mobile can help to connect it to WiFi and solve a variety of problems. You should reboot your smartphone when you don’t have a connection. The settings menu should be “General administration”. In the dropdown, select “Reset”.

Using a FireStation without WiFi connectivity could cause power interruptions, attachment problems, setup failures, or password problems.

Plug Fire Stick directly into TV HDMI ports

The Fire TV Stick includes some extra HDMI connectors that will fit into your HDMI ports. Fire Sticks are connected to the extender HDMI connections and are connected through the power jack.

The extender can be removed and connected directly to your TV with a cable to the TV. These extensions may be problematic links, but can be easily discarded through deletion.

Check loose connections

Firesticks won’t operate if the USB connector of the device doesn’t connect well to the outlet or the wire is loosely connected. It all works.

You should have Amazon experts in your house checking out faulty connections or a fire identification device. I can handle Amazon 4k Firesticks better without making an error. It’s OK – it’s worth replacing immediately.

You need network tools to check whether your Firesticks aren’t having an issue when using your router. To download and install the software, click the “Settings” button on your remote.

The firestick check tool will find the perfect wireless connection to your device to tell you there are no problems with the system.

Check faulted power button

Your firestick controls work well but some buttons don’t respond. The remote is taken to the nearest store to sell firesticks and shown to employees. The fire stick experts may remove this button when they detect a problem. You have to switch to Firesticks and make sure they have compatible remotes. Check if the firestick does not turn off. Issue resolved.

Your Firestick remote works fine, but some buttons won’t respond. You need to go to a firestick store to bring in your remotes.

It’ll be a good idea to see which buttons are having problems. Upon detection of the issue, the experts replace the button. It’s time to switch on your firestick to check for a compatible remote. After this the fire stick should work correctly.

Check power adapter, cord, and power source

Your Firestick will not start when you use the wrong power adapter. You can eliminate any problems with an adapter if you make sure it is plugged properly into your computer. Ensure that you use original power adapter that arrived with fire television stick instead of an external adapter. Check whether firesticks can’t be turned on. Problem solved.

Firestick Remote Having Low Battery

Low power supply may be the reason your remote won’t respond to the television. You may also notice firesticks that stopped working for some reason. It’s possible your firestick broke but always have the correct charger. You may need a new battery a few days after your remote has been replaced and it should start working correctly again.

Low battery life is a major reason your television doesn’t respond to the remotes. This issue also means your firestick can no longer be used for long. You believe that fire sticks can be damaged, but you need to keep using proper batteries.

The older the batteries get, the harder it is to turn on the remote so after a little time, your fire stick will work properly. It’s possible that a new firestick won’t work after an update.

Firestick Audio Issues External Speakers

If your Firestick isn’t turning on, it’s likely due to audio issues. If you think the speakers don ‘t work with the fire sticks, you have to change them to default settings for this feature. If the Audio settings of the Firestick are blocked it is automatically turned off.

Use new sockets

It will require another socket replacing your existing USB port. You may be surprised at first how fast the first stick works. Check whether Firestick will not work. Problem resolved.

Check power adapter and HDMI source and ports

If your television requires HDMI connections, make sure that it’s working correctly. Test for whether firesticks won’t turn on issue has been resolved.

Fix Screen Mirroring Issues

Some devices will function even when this setting is not enabled.

Turn on “Enable display mirroring”

Navigate to Fire television settings and choose Display and sound. This setting will allow display of mirrored images in this area. While many devices can mirror a Fire Television without such modes enabled, switching them on helps another device find your TV.

Use the Same WiFi Network

Please make sure the Firestick and the device you’ll be mirroring are connected to a WiFi network. Amazon suggests the devices be 30 feet apart from one another. This means a closer connection could help in the event the connection does not work.

Update your device

Finally, if both devices do not update it could cause firesticks to mirror issues, so keep them updated for any updates.

Unplug the Firestick

You can restart the remote by disconnecting the battery and waiting about 15 seconds until you get plugged back in. The Fire television will show the Fire TV logo when the computer is rebooted.

Check batteries

Ensure the battery in the remote has been replaced since the Bluetooth connection in the Alexa takes quite an additional power to work.


The problem of Firesticks not turning on can not cause the device to work at all. Even though streaming media devices provide a fantastic solution for home entertainment, they can sometimes face problems for a number of reasons.

Then, you need to disconnect your computer from the power source to reinstall it. It may not be useful if Fire TV is not turned on correctly. It should use a similar HDMI port for Fire TV. Issues that cause firesticks not working can sometimes happen.

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