Fallout 4 Crash to Desktop on Startup

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If you are experiencing a fallout 4 crash to desktop on startup there are several steps you can take to solve the problem. To get started simply go to your game installation folder. If you are using Steam you can right-click on the game in Steam and choose ‘Browse local files.’ In the Local Files folder find the Fallout 4.exe file. On the Compatibility tab click Disable fullscreen optimizations and run this program as administrator. You can also click Change high DPI settings.

Fixing fallout 4 crash on startup

The reason why Fallout 4 crashes on startup can be caused by a variety of different factors and this article will discuss several ways to solve this problem. First you must check the compatibility settings of your PC. While these options will vary from one computer to another they can all be useful in fixing a common problem. Alternatively you can use a third-party program like PC Repair Tool to fix a plethora of different Windows-related problems.

If you’ve been experiencing Fallout 4 crashes to desktop on startup for a long time you may need to run a game repair tool to get rid of any corrupted or missing files. While this process can be a bit lengthy it will resolve the issue and get you back into the game as soon as possible. If this is not working you can try removing the game’s custom mods which might cause the problem. Another option is to change the graphics settings in the game. Try to play in Borderless or Windowed mode. You can also lower the video settings temporarily.

Another simple way to solve this problem is to check for updates and patches. Fallout 4 receives updates and patches regularly which can fix various issues. Before installing a new patch make sure you have the latest version. You can also check for DLC and similar content for Fallout 4 by checking your Steam account. If you’re using a PC check for updates from Steam. If you don’t get updates through Steam then you can manually check for the latest update.

Disabling antivirus software

There are many reasons why antivirus software can cause Fallout 4 to crash on startup. These could be due to a number of reasons including incompatible hardware incompatible video resolution corrupt graphics card drivers or interference from antivirus software. To resolve this issue it may be necessary to disable your antivirus software temporarily. If this still does not fix the problem you can manually remove it from your computer. To do this follow the instructions in the antivirus software’s manual or by using a third-party uninstaller.

Antivirus software protects your PC from malicious software but it often confuses legitimate programs with viruses. By disabling antivirus software you can allow the game to run. You can also try adding an exception for the game to your antivirus’s whitelist. After disabling antivirus software run Fallout 4 and see if that solves the problem. If not you may want to consider disabling your antivirus software and keep an eye on your computer’s security settings.

Another possible cause of the error is security restrictions. In some cases your antivirus software may prevent the game from loading. To resolve the issue disable your antivirus software or make sure you are on its whitelist. You can also try installing a free anti-virus. Alternatively you can keep your antivirus off and manually download the game’s updates. This should solve the issue in a few minutes.

Verifying integrity of game files

If Fallout 4 has been crashing on startup it’s important to make sure it’s not a corrupt save or a bad mod. To fix the issue temporarily disable the game from starting and close it. Also you should check the integrity of game files and cache. Some of these files may be corrupted due to recent malware breakthroughs. To fix this problem uninstall Fallout 4 from your computer and re-install it. This will ensure that fresh files replace the corrupt ones.

If this step doesn’t work you can visit the Steam website and perform a game-file integrity check. In this way Steam will check the integrity of game files and download them. If all is well you should now be able to start the game. Alternatively if Fallout 4 crashes on startup try to run it as administrator. Make sure that you’re allowed to read and write system files. In some cases the game might not start at all due to missing files which can also be a sign of malware and security issues.

The process is a simple one. Run Steam and locate the Fallout 4 game. From there select its Local Files tab and choose the Verify Integrity Of Game Files option. If the error persists try re-installing the game. Most likely it will fix the problem. If all else fails check the in-game settings and game engine. You might also need to check the Steam cache files.

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