Facebook Won’t Refresh – Common Causes of Facebook Server Errors

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Occasionally you will experience Facebook’s server errors. In these cases you’ll need to clear your cache reinstall an older version of Facebook or force quit the app. Fortunately there are a few solutions for the most common causes of Facebook’s server problems. Try one of them to fix your issue and get back to enjoying your favorite social networking site. Alternatively you can try the methods below to solve your problem.

Fixing Facebook’s server issues

The outage was the biggest for Facebook since 2008. While the outage affected a smaller number of users it was a far larger problem. As a result the system went offline and even internal communications tools stopped working. While Facebook has taken steps to mitigate the problem the outage was caused by a single point of failure. While this is not an uncommon occurrence it is a reminder of the difficulties in managing a single point of failure.

While Facebook has a global outage every now and then this time the network was down for more than 24 hours. The outage occurred as a result of a change made to the backbone routers which help coordinate network traffic between the company’s data centers. The change cascaded across all the Facebook services causing them to go offline. As a result many users had to log in to use the social media network.

Clearing cache

If you are having issues with your Facebook page clearing the cache can solve this issue. In most modern browsers this option is located in the settings menu. To reset your browser’s cache click on the ‘Clear data and settings’ link. After the data is cleared you should try logging into the Facebook page again. After doing so the page should be refreshed. Then follow the steps above to restore Facebook’s functionality.

If the problem persists check your permissions. If they’re not set correctly the site might not be able to access it. If that is the case check your cache and update your browser. In some cases this may also fix the Facebook issue. If clearing the cache doesn’t solve the problem try using a different browser. If all else fails you may need to change your router.

Reinstalling an older version of Facebook

If you can’t refresh your Facebook page you may have a bug in your browser. Sometimes the latest version of the application simply won’t work. If you are experiencing this problem you need to update the browser to fix the issue. If you haven’t updated your browser yet you can try downloading an older version and sideloading it with an APK. If this doesn’t work you can also try installing wrapper apps. These applications run on older versions of Android.

The simplest fix for this issue is to reinstall the app. Depending on which version of iOS your phone runs you can reinstall the latest version. If the latest update doesn’t work you may need to manually update the app. In such cases you can find an older version of Facebook by looking in the Update list. Once you’ve updated restart the phone and check if the error is still happening.

Force quitting Facebook

One of the most common problems faced by Facebook users is that it will not refresh leaving the page with a white screen. If this is happening to you try these tips to solve this problem. First you should free up your CPU by forcing quit applications you’re not using. Also ensure that you have a strong internet connection. Make sure you turn off VPN software and change the Wi-Fi band to 2.4 GHz. Next clear your temporary folders and data.

While you’re at it force-quitting an app is an erroneous process. It may not be completely impossible to force close an app but doing so may result in shorter battery life. Apple recommends that you turn off Background App Refresh on your iPhone to prevent this process but you can still use this method to force-quit apps. If you’re using an iPhone swipe up on the app’s card to force it to close.

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