Dr J Projector Review

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Designed to not only be small enough to be used on the go, but also powerful enough to rival larger projectors, the Dr J Projector is a great option for users looking for a mini projector that is durable and packed with features.

Understanding what makes a projector so great is key to choosing the right one for use at home as part of a home entertainment system. By understanding all that the Dr J Projector has to offer, users will be able to easily determine if it is the right choice for them.

Dr J Projector Review

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Size Matters When Choosing a Projector

Mini projectors are great for use at home or for businessmen to take with them when traveling to see clients. The problem that some people run into when opting for a mini projector, however, is that it will either be small enough, but not have enough power, or very powerful, but too bulky. The Dr J Projector manages to fit into the sweet spot of the right size with plenty of power, which is why it’s such a go-to option for home entertainment uses.

At just three pounds, this projector is easy to fit into a suitcase for use on the go. It measures an impressive 7.8” x 2.7” x 6”, which means that it can easily be set up in any home or conference office. Even though it’s so small, this projector can easily produce a picture up to 176”, even though it can be as close as 1.5 m to 5 m.

How the Video Resolution Makes a Difference

Video resolution is key when choosing a projector, as this will determine how clear and crisp the video or photos being shown are. While the Dr J Projector may not have the best video resolution of all available mini projectors, it is still very impressive. It features a native resolution of 840 x 480 and can support 1080p resolution along with downscaling.

What this means is that while the Dr J Projector can be used to show 1080 x 1920 resolutions, it will adjust input automatically. The input resolution will be adjusted so that the video or picture on the screen is actually displayed at 840 x 480.

While this may seem like an issue, the great thing is that it happens automatically, so users don’t have to worry about doing the adjusting themselves. Additionally, most people won’t even realize that the video isn’t in full HD after the adjustment due to the large display size.

This does mean that the Dr J Projector is better suited for videos and photos, not text presentations. While it can be used for business presentations, the graphics and text may be lacking somewhat, which can be frustrating for users.

Sound and Picture Quality Are Key to Viewing

The Dr J Projector does have a stereo speaker built directly into it, and this speaker offers decent quality volume. Users who want better sound can easily upgrade by using external speakers plugged into the auxiliary input. Simply adding better speakers to the setup is the best way to improve the overall listening and viewing experience, making it worth the extra step.

Thanks to the contrast ratio of 2000:1 and the aspect ratio of 4:3/16:0, this projector looks great in most conditions. The lamp life is 40,000 hours, which means that it will work for a very long time without breaking down or needing a new lamp. The five-layer LCD lens display on this projector was added to ensure clear and crisp resolution, making viewing fantastic. With adjustable focus and a keystone button, users will enjoy great picture quality every time.

Connectivity, Cooling, and Other Features Set a Projector Apart

The Dr J Projector offers plenty of connectivity options so that users can set up their new projector and start enjoying their favorite movie right away. Not only does it offer VGA, HDMI, and USB connectivity, but users can also connect their table or smartphone. Using an adapter makes connecting to the projector easy. This projector can be used with a laptop, computer, Blu Ray player, and other equipment, such as video game consoles.

Dual fan cooling technology ensures that this projector doesn’t overheat, which can damage it and ruin the movie-watching experience. There are two small fans that are in the case itself, which helps circulate air around the unit and remove any hot air. Even with two fans, however, the Dr J Projector manages to be very quiet when in use, which ensures that it won’t disturb people watching TV.

Another great feature of this projector is that it can be used with the TV Stick and Roku Stick. It’s easy for users to connect via the HDMI so that they can set up their own home theater and enjoy the power of the projector.

The Ideal Uses of This Projector

To ensure that they get the best use from this projector, buyers need to make sure that they understand who it will best benefit. Because it does such a great job with videos and pictures, it is ideal to be used as a part of a home entertainment setup.

Unfortunately, the Dr J Projector has a lower native resolution, which means that it is not a great choice for use in the office when giving presentations or if you’re in close quarters. In this case, a TV is usually better than a projector.

It really shines as part of a setup for a big screen movie in the backyard or family room. By setting it up in a dark location so that the image isn’t faded and hooking it up to external speakers, users can enjoy a bright and immersive gaming or video session.


All in all, the Dr J Projector is not only incredibly powerful, but also user friendly, making it a great option for most anyone who is in the market for a projector. Thanks to all of the included features and how easy it is to connect and start using this projector, it fills the need that most people have. It can be very difficult for portable or mini projectors to be as high quality and reliable as their larger counterparts, but this projector fits the bill.

The Dr J Projector is one of the better cheap options out there, but there are a variety of good cheap projectors you might want to consider if you want something simple and easy to use.

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