Discord stuck on starting – How to fix

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Discord is well-known for its variety of features as a messaging platform. It’s especially popular amongst gamers, who can use Discord as a method of communicating whilst in-game. Discord has a voice chat feature that supports group calls. Discord can be installed as an application for free on both Desktop and Mobile devices. The Discord app is usually set to launch on Startup by default. The app is a fairly lightweight one so starting up is often not an issue.

However, the Discord app can sometimes have issues launching correctly. In such circumstances, the app can get stuck on the start up process.

Discord stuck on starting

We’ll now discuss solutions for when Discord gets stuck on starting up.

Restart Discord

Firstly, you should try simply restarting the Discord application. If Discord is getting stuck on start up, the app may have encountered a loading error or bug of some sort. Restarting the app can help get rid of such errors.

To restart Discord, first close the program. If the app is stuck on starting, you may find it difficult to close it using traditional means. The ‘x’ icon may not be available to you. Thus, you should use alternative methods for closing Discord.

One such method is the Task Manager. The Task Manager shows you a list of currently active programs. You can also force close programs in the Task Manager. To access the Task Manager, simply press Windows-key + X and select the ‘Task Manager’ option. Or, if your screen if frozen and you’re unable to access these options, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Then, click the ‘Task Manager’ option.


Once you’ve opened the Task Manager, locate the Discord app. Then, click on it to select it. Click the ‘end task’ option in the bottom right to close the program.

Another method for closing Discord is by using the system tray. To access the system tray, click on the arrow icon near the Wi-Fi icon. It should be in the bottom right of your screen. The system tray will show you a set of currently programs. Find the Discord app and right-click on it. Then, select the ‘Quit Discord’ option to close the app.


After closing the Discord app, reopen it by double-clicking the Discord shortcut to see if Discord can start up properly.

Launch Discord in File Explorer

Another method for fixing Discord’s start up problem is by trying to launch the app from the File Explorer. Changing the way you launch the app may fix the start up issue. Trying to manually find the Discord app file in File Explorer can be quite tedious. Fortunately, there is a quick method for getting there. Before attempting this method, make sure you first close the Discord app.

Open the Start Menu, and search for ‘discord’ in the search bar. Then, click on ‘open file location’. This should take you directly to the Discord app file in File Explorer.


Double-click on the app file to launch Discord.

Close Background Applications

Discord may be struggling to start up due to your background applications. Applications take up operating power. Having too many applications open at once can eat up your operating power and decrease your device performance. Try closing your background applications before starting Discord once more.

You can close your background applications by pressing the ‘x’ icon for each of their windows. Or, you can close them more easily using the Task Manager. Open the Task Manager by selecting Windows-key + X, and clicking ‘Task Manager’ from the set of options that appear. Then, click on a program you wish to close. Select ‘end task’ to close them. Repeat this step for all relevant programs.


Once you’ve closed all your background applications, try launching Discord once more to see if the start up issue has been resolved.

Launch System File Checker

Discord may be acting up due to some corrupted files. The simplest method for getting rid of such files is by running the System File Checker (aka SFC). The SFC helps repair corrupted files. The tool should automatically be installed in most Window products.

To access the SFC, press Windows-key + R and type ‘cmd’ in the input box.


Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the command. A tab should then appear asking you to grant the command processor admin privileges. Select ‘yes’ to proceed. You should now be able to access the command prompt window. In the window, type: sfc /scannow. Then, press the Enter-key to execute the command.


The SFC should begin scanning your device and fixing the corrupted files. Wait until the SFC is finished before restarting your device. Then, try starting Discord once more to see if the issue has been fixed.


In conclusion, the Discord app can have trouble starting up at times and get stuck in the launching process. If this occurs, it could be for a number of reasons. The app may be bugging out or experiencing some loading errors. If so, try restarting the application or running the System File Checker. You can also try closing your background applications in case they’re interfering with your device’s performance quality.

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