Discord Screen Share Flickering

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Discord screen share flickering may be caused by outdated graphics drivers or it could be caused by an incorrect account settings. You can check if this is the problem by deleting Discord’s cache folder in %appdata%. Then relaunch Discord and see if the flickering issue has gone away. If not you may have outdated graphics drivers. This can be a serious problem if you’re trying to screen share.

Fixing discord screen share flickering

Sometimes the screen share feature of Discord will flicker because the GPU is not enabled. If this happens you must turn on your GPU via user settings. Ensure that the application has administrator privileges before enabling the feature. Once the GPU is enabled restart the application. The issue may not be present on your system. If you are able to reproduce the flickering issue follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

In case the above steps don’t work you can try updating your graphics driver. Sometimes outdated display drivers are the culprit for screen share flickering. Changing your graphics driver can fix the issue. Run a graphics driver update utility from the Services window or go to the official support page of your graphics card manufacturer. It is best to update your display drivers regularly. You can also try deleting or uninstalling the program’s cache folder.

Fixing overlay flickering

Overlay flickering on Discord screen share is a common problem that many Discord users experience. There are a couple of causes of this issue including disabling your GPU or changing the settings on your graphics card. Another common cause of Discord screen share overlay flickering is a residual file on your PC. To fix this problem follow the steps below. To start make sure your computer is running on the same GPU as the Discord app.

Changing the Windows system registry to enable compatibility mode for Discord is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem. If the problem persists you may need to perform some server-side troubleshooting. Start by restarting your system. This will clear your system cache which will remove any temporary errors on your computer. Next go to the Power Options tab and select ‘Clear system cache.’

Fixing black screen

If you experience the black screen flickering on Discord it is likely that you have a corrupt or outdated graphics driver. To resolve this you can update your device drivers using a third-party driver update program. These programs can detect your system and update your device drivers automatically without requiring user input. Once updated your Discord should run properly again. If you’re still experiencing the black screen flickering try restarting your computer.

First try closing any background applications. A conflicting software may cause the problem so close them all. Another solution is to reinstall Discord. It will automatically update all drivers on your system including your camera and network driver. This will fix the black screen flickering on Discord. If none of these measures works you may have to install Discord from scratch. If you still encounter the black screen flickering you may want to share your screen to fix the problem.

Fixing permissions issue

If you’re having trouble with your Discord screen share one of the most common causes is due to an error with your permissions. If your Discord app does not have administrative rights the error may be caused by one of two reasons: the application doesn’t have enough privileges to use the camera or you are using an outdated version of the program. If this is the case it’s recommended that you run Discord as an administrator.

In some circumstances Discord may not be able to select your GPU. In these cases it will use your integrated graphics processing unit which consumes the least amount of electricity. To solve this problem you should start the app as an administrator and navigate to its App Settings. Once there enable hardware acceleration. Then relaunch Discord and check if the screen share flickering issue has gone away.

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