Discord Noise Suppression Not Working Anymore? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

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If your Discord noise suppression isn’t working anymore try these troubleshooting tips. First ensure that Noise Suppression is enabled in your device’s settings. Next make sure that you’re on the right input and output devices. Check that you’re connected to the internet. If all else fails try restarting Discord and checking your keyboard settings. If none of those things help try these other troubleshooting tips.

Restart Discord

If your Discord audio is cutting out intermittently try restarting your device. If the audio is still cut out try updating your device’s audio drivers and applications. If Discord is not working at all you might need to update your Windows 10 operating system or drivers. Here are the steps to reboot Discord. If none of these fixes work you should try one of these methods. Restarting Discord should resolve the issue.

Try a different USB port. If that doesn’t work try rebooting the Discord app. It should reboot and update and your noise suppression should start working again. You can also try disabling noise suppression in Discord. To do so tap on the gear icon next to the microphone and choose ‘Disable noise suppression.’

If all of these steps fail try updating your audio driver files. Sometimes outdated audio driver files are the culprit for these problems. To fix this problem you should install the latest version of the audio driver files. To do this right-click on the Windows taskbar and choose ‘Processes’ from the list. Now restart Discord and see if it works. If the audio still doesn’t work try using keyboard shortcuts or updating your audio drivers.

Check keyboard settings

The first step to fixing the issue of Discord keyboard noise is to check your input sensitivity settings. By default Discord will detect sound input sensitivity based on the volume of the keyboard and voice. If you experience problems with clatter try turning off Automatically determine input sensitivity. Then click on ‘Input sensitivity’ and set the threshold to lower than the normal value. Make sure to adjust your keyboard’s cushioning to reduce the sound.

If these two steps fail to solve your problem try changing the software configurations. Discord has a feature called Push to Talk which allows you to stream audio only when you push a button. You can also try changing the microphone input level manually. After making these changes restart your computer and check if it works. If you’re still experiencing noise try restarting your computer. Alternatively you can try enabling ambient noise suppression for your microphone.

If the issue persists you can also try turning off the ‘Automatic gain control’ feature in your Discord software. This will help to eliminate any background noise and keyboard clatter that’s preventing you from hearing everyone else’s voice. If this doesn’t work try using the Discord pop filters to decrease noise. The pop filter is available on Mac OS X and Windows and will help you eliminate noise in your Discord conversation.

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