Discord Airhorn Bot Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

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Discord airhorn bot not working? Fortunately there are several ways to fix this issue. First try requesting the server moderators to unblock it. However this method only works if the server moderators themselves haven’t blocked the Discord airhorn bot. Discord moderators don’t usually unblock bots so you’ll have to ask them yourself. Besides you might have to spend a few minutes unblocking the bot each time it spams.

Discord airhorn bot not working

The airhorn bot on Discord may not work as expected for a number of reasons. Firstly if the airhorn doesn’t make any noise it might be that the bot name is incorrect. If this is the case you can try renaming the bot to something more appropriate. However if you’re the owner of the bot you won’t be able to change the name. Instead you will need to invite the bot to your server.

If you are using a server with special permissions the Discord airhorn may not work. This may be because Discord detects the honking command as spam. You can also try renaming the bot to something else such as /anotha echo. If the above steps don’t help you should try to install the latest Discord version. Ensure that you have enabled the option that allows you to authorize the bot.

When you have added the bot to your server you’ll need to grant it access to your account as an Administrator. To do this visit the server’s home page and select the ‘Administrator’ option. Once you’ve granted the permissions you can proceed to add the bot. To ensure the bot’s success you should have administrator permissions. If you don’t own the server make sure to ask the owner if he is willing to grant you access.

How to fix it

If you’ve installed the Discord airhorn bot but it doesn’t work for some reason you can try renaming it. Make sure that you’ve entered the correct command. In addition make sure that you’re using the proper voice channel. After doing this the bot should start making its distinctive sound. If it still doesn’t sound right check your server settings and try adding it back.

If you’ve tried typing the command ‘/airhorn’ repeatedly you may have accidentally deleted the bot. This is a common cause of bot malfunctions. You may have to re-add the bot or delete it from your account to get it to work again. This might not work but you might want to try this alternative before spending more money on another bot. Otherwise it will be useless. And it won’t work as well as it should if you’ve deleted the bot and installed a new version.

Alternatively you may have to change the bot name to ‘sounds_of_feeling’ and re-use the proper command. Once you’ve done this your airhorn bot should work again. It should sound like it did before or at least sound as if it’s supposed to. If that doesn’t fix it try the previous step. If you’re still experiencing problems with the bot check your server settings and try a different command. You’ll probably need to change the bot name a few times to get it to work again.

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