Did Discord Change Notification Sound? Here’s What to Do!

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Did Discord change its notification sound? Is this new sound annoying? The new sound is only available to Discord users who have chosen to turn it on. There are a few ways you can fix it. You can turn off notifications check your Windows Updates or change the Streamer mode. Read on to discover what to do. Did Discord change notification sound? Let us know in the comments below! You can also read more about Discord’s Christmas sounds here!

Windows Update

If you are experiencing a bug in Discord you can disable the notification sound by changing the settings in User Settings Notifications and Voice settings. You can also choose to turn off the notification sound by unchecking the Default device option. If you still are not able to hear the notification you can also check the audio drivers for your device. If you are unable to hear the notification sound the bug may be caused by a Windows Update or a new version of Discord.

The Discord app’s notification sound issue is usually caused by an update to Windows. You need to make sure your operating system and Discord are both up to date. You should also check if there are any other available updates for your PC. If the problem persists you can disable the notification sound from the settings menu in Discord. It is important to note that you need to make the same changes for each server.

Discord’s Christmas sounds

If you love the festive season you’ll love Discord’s new Christmas sounds! From the festive loading animation to the snowy SFX this chat app has got you covered. It’s even possible to upload your own festive emojis or stickers! Discord has some great holiday offers too! Subscribe to its newsletter and receive exclusive deals and tech tips! It’s free to sign up. Here’s how to enable Discord’s new Christmas sounds!

When Discord first released its app last month it had no Christmas sounds. Discord responded to user feedback by making these sounds optional. This was a big change that was met with much criticism and Discord changed the default sound for ‘Christmas’ to ‘Snowday.’ While users were upset the company made the sounds optional. That way they were able to choose to enable or disable them individually. If you’re not fond of the new sounds you can turn them off by changing your sound settings in your Appearance section.

Streamer mode

You might have noticed that the notification sound on Discord has changed. To disable this sound visit the Discord settings and find the ‘User Settings’ menu. Here you can enable or disable notifications and other settings. You can also adjust the volume of the notification sound. Once you’ve enabled or disabled notifications you can enable or disable it again. Alternatively you can simply turn off the sound altogether.

If you’re having trouble hearing notifications try turning off Streamer Mode in the Discord settings. This will disable the sound for the desktop notification and channel joining. If you prefer to hear only notifications you can disable these sounds as well. If you’re looking to avoid distractions you can turn off the desktop notification sound as well. By disabling these sounds you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming and conversation.

Turning off notifications

If you’d like to turn off notifications on Discord there are several ways to do so. These options include server-by-server and user-by-user. In the first case you’ll want to turn off notifications from individual servers. However if you’d like to stop getting notifications from Discord entirely you’ll want to disable notifications for all servers. If you’re concerned about your privacy you can also choose to turn off notifications for all servers and individuals.

As with other apps there are ways to turn off notifications from specific people and messages. For iOS go to Notifications and look for Discord. Click on the ‘Notifications’ option to enable or disable notifications for all users. If you don’t want to receive notifications from Discord for a particular user you can turn off notifications for only those people. However this method does not work with Android devices.

Changing notification sound

Changing the notification sound on Discord can be a great feature if you constantly get annoyed by the same old annoying sound. You can also download the original notification sound and paste it over the default sound in Discord. If you’re using the desktop version you can also download this plugin and paste it in the corresponding folder. This is the easiest way to change the sound in Discord. However this method works only on desktop.

Depending on which version of Discord you’re using you may find that you can’t change the notification sound. To do this first go to the Discord app and find the server settings. Typically Discord has a sound that plays whenever someone mentions you or sends you a message. However you can change this setting in order to hear all of the notifications. Make sure you repeat these steps for each server you use.

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