Corsair Dominator Vs Vengeance Review

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If you’re looking for a new CPU cooler you might be pondering which of the Corsair Dominator and Vengeance models is the better buy. Corsair is known for their long warranty processes but while the Dominator has a more established reputation in the memory market the Vengeance has a wider appeal and is the more widely available of the two.

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

When it comes to choosing a new motherboard Corsair has a number of options. If you’re looking for something affordable a Vengeance RGB PRO might be a better choice. While the Dominator Platinum RGB doesn’t come with state-of-the-art LEDs it has a nice balance between price and performance. And with a warranty Corsair is known for excellent customer service.

The Corsair Dominator lineup is a line of SDRAM modules for enthusiasts. These cards are meant for those with a passion for PC hardware and are willing to spend time tweaking their systems to make them run better. They offer non-standard supply voltages and tighter timings and many of them have coolant assemblies and heat spreaders that are unique to Corsair.

The Dominator Platinum RGB and Vengeance Pro RGB SL have similar clock speeds but the Dominator’s is a little faster. The Vengeance is much easier to find and its 4600 MHz speed is more accessible. However there are some minor pipeline issues with the Dominator Platinum. While the Dominator Platinum is more common the Vengeance has a much stronger secondary market.

Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix vs Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB

The Dominator Platinum RGB comes in a sleek octagon-shaped box. This design sets it apart from other DDR memory. It is protected with a plastic shell and foam and it even includes a sticker on one side. This motherboard supports all Intel sockets and supports the AM2+ and FM2 chipsets. Its RGB lights can add a nice touch to your gaming setup.

The Dominator Platinum RGB comes with a larger thicker cable that ends in a non-standard square connector. This cable must then be attached to the iCUE Commander Core controller which is included in the package. It is also hidden behind the motherboard bracket using the included double-sided adhesive pads. Both of these coolers offer RGB lighting and can be used in conjunction with one another.

The water-cooled iCUE H115i Elite Capeillix is another option. The iCUE H115i has a more elegant design and impresses with its performance. It comes with Corsair’s iCUE software for lighting. It can control lighting on some motherboards and has a multi-pin cable for connecting to the control module.

Corsair ICUE H115i Elite Capellix

The iCUE H115i Elite Capellix cooler is packaged in a stylish black casing with an orange accent. While the classic black and yellow colour scheme is retained the stripes have been inverted and the yellow is more muted. Despite the brighter colour the iCUE H115i’s pump head looks somewhat outdated. While the Vengeance’s pump head looks like a simple orange stripe the Elite Capellix has a triangular-shaped pattern with 33 LEDs which is a unique feature in an AIO cooler.

Both the Vengeance and the Elite Capellix are geared toward big heat demands. While the Vengeance has a high-end design and excellent cooling efficiency the Elite Capellix has an incredibly low noise level. To achieve this Corsair has paired their best radiator design with their highest-quality magnetic levitation fans and split-flow copper cold plate. The cold plate uses a high density stack of 128 micro-skived fins per inch. Corsair has also added a high-quality ML series fan to the mix. The ML series has high static pressure and low noise making it one of the quietest liquid coolers available on the market.

The Elite Capellix offers a wide range of support for different processors. It supports all current AMD processors including sTR4 and sTRX4. It also supports Intel processors with 2011(V3)/2066 and 1152(V3). Its five-year warranty is also a great selling point as it makes it easy to purchase a new cooling system.

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