Connecting DisplayPort to the PlayStation 5

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The PS5 comes with a DisplayPort port that allows you to connect your monitor to the console. While you cannot connect a monitor with HDMI to the PS5 you can still connect a monitor with DisplayPort to the PS5. This is also possible with an adapter but not all of them work in the direction you want them to. Passive adapters are available that transfer from DisplayPort to HDMI. You can also use a VESA displayport adapter to connect a PS5 to an external monitor.

VESA displayport

While DisplayPort is not quite as popular as HDMI it is still used in gaming monitors. Sony and Microsoft would be foolish not to add this interface to the PS5. Thankfully there are some good ways to get it working with your PS5.

The most obvious way is with an XGA monitor. This is the most common type of video output for PlayStation 5 games. It will allow for better contrast and resolution than a standard DVI monitor. However if you’re looking for the most accurate colors and lowest input lag a VESA monitor might be better for you. Fortunately many manufacturers produce monitors that have these features. It’s also possible to find a VESA displayport monitor for a PS5 that supports variable refresh rates.

HDMI 2.1

If your PS5 has a DisplayPort port you can connect it to your PS5 with an active adapter. Unfortunately this adapter does not support HDMI 2.1 which has a faster bandwidth. DisplayPort on the other hand can support up to 120 Hz and you’ll have to use an active adapter to get it to work. If you have a displayport monitor it is best to use an HDMI 2.1 to DisplayPort adapter.

While HDMI is widely used many consumers don’t know the differences between the two. The main difference is that HDMI is compatible with more devices while DisplayPort is only compatible with a few. You may be wondering what you need for your PS5. The good news is that you can connect both a PS5 and an Xbox via an HDMI 2.1 cable. In addition it is also compatible with a variety of devices including PS4 and Xbox One.


The PlayStation 5 uses a DisplayPort 1.4 connector to connect a monitor to the console. The new standard replaces VGA DVI and FPD-Link. The PS5 supports 4K 120 FPS gaming which requires a monitor that supports DisplayPort 1.4. This standard is backwards compatible with HDMI and DVI and can be used in conjunction with a passive adapter to switch between the two.

The PlayStation 5 also uses HDMI 2.1 to send the video signal to a monitor. Unfortunately not all monitors support this standard. You’ll need to buy an HDMI 2.1 to DP 1.4 adapter if you don’t have one yet. Alternatively you can use a PC monitor with a DisplayPort-compatible connection. The PlayStation 5’s DP-1.4 connector is not compatible with HDMI 2.1.


The PS5 isn’t quite ready for 144Hz gaming but you can still use a 144Hz monitor with the console. Though Sony didn’t add this display port to the console it’s possible to find a cheap monitor that can meet the minimum requirement. Then you can play games at up to 120fps. The refresh rate is an important part of competitive gaming and a 144Hz monitor can easily provide that.

In gaming high refresh rates are important because they enable smoother gameplay. While a 120Hz monitor will do just fine for some games 144Hz will give your gamer more control. Some gamers are willing to sacrifice resolution for higher framerates. To achieve these results you need a monitor with at least a 48 Gbits per second. HDMI 2.1 is capable of transmitting up to 48 Gbits per second. That’s more than enough to power a high-resolution 8K ultra HD monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate. The Xbox One uses HDMI 1.4 while Xbox One X uses HDMI 2.

Active adapter

If you’re considering using your PS5 with a high-end display you may want to consider an active adapter. Active adapters relay the PS5 output signal to two devices simultaneously. While they won’t work in the other direction you can use them to connect your PS5 to a DisplayPort monitor. Despite their limited range they’re still a great option for connecting your PS5 to your high-end monitor.

In order to connect a PlayStation 5 to a DisplayPort monitor you’ll need an active adapter. These devices allow the screen to communicate with the GPU. These devices require an external power source such as a wall-wart. Some active adapters come with USB cables that plug into the PS5’s USB port. For easy installation you’ll find that the active adapter works without any additional drivers.

Monitors that support ps5 displayport

You can get a great gaming experience on a PlayStation 5 monitor by purchasing one that supports PS5 displayport. Besides its high resolution the monitor should support a variable refresh rate so that you can play at a high contrast ratio. After the latest update for the PlayStation 5 the console supports HDR10. It also supports HDR10 which is a subset of the higher-end standard. Listed below are some options for the best monitors that support PS5 displayport.

One disadvantage of using a monitor with PS5 displayport is that it does not have a native display resolution. The best PS5 monitors will support 1080p and 1440p resolution. However you must be prepared for the fact that your screen can flicker black when changing the resolution. The difference between DisplayPort 1.2 and DisplayPort 2.0 is that the latter has more bandwidth so the resolution can be increased without affecting the quality of the image.

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