Best paintball gun for beginners – The Ultimate Guide for 2021

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When looking at paintball guns, it can be really difficult to know which one is the best option for you. If you’ve been to play paintball at a center before and you’re now looking to purchase your own paintball gun, then you’re in the right place.

Paintball guns don’t necessarily have to be super expensive. In fact, after you’ve purchased the gun itself, most of the cost of other paintball equipment will come from purchasing more ammo and getting your gas refilled. The gun itself is usually long lasting, so the investment you make in the beginning should give you many years of action.

There are a lot of good quality paintball guns on the market within a lower range price point. There are a few of them that are worth considering if you’re looking for the best paintball gun for the money. So, let’s take a look at some of the better ones currently available.

Best paintball gun for beginners

The best paintball gun for beginners is going to be pretty much the same as any other type of marker, although there are some differences. Best paintball gun for beginners will have a more simplistic design than a lot of professional models.

If you’re looking to buy a top-of-the line, awesome paintball gun that’s going to give you hours of fun and excitement, you might want to take into consideration what level player you think you may be at the end of your first season playing this sport. This will ensure that it is something that you can play with now and in the future when you get better and move on up from beginner status.

When someone makes the decision that they are ready to purchase their first marker, they should consider what level player they would like to be and choose.

Tippmann Cronus

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE PAINTBALL GUN PACKAGE! Tippmann Cronus .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun Player Package. Everything You Need to Get in the Game!
  • THE BEST CHOICE FOR ENTRY LEVEL PAINTBALLERS! High performance, low maintenance, reliability, and incredible durability make it one of the most popular paintball markers across the globe. Built with the paintballer in mind, the marker’s high-impact, composite construction is extremely lightweight and features molded-rubber grips and an internal gas line for enhanced control and maneuverability. Plus four Picatinny rails for fast and easy custom modification.
  • TIPPMANN CRONUS MILSIM STYLED .68 CALIBER SCENARIO PAINTBALL MARKER - Semi-Automatic - Adjustable from 250-325 FPS - Barrel Thread: A5 - Proven, In-line Bolt Design - Internal Gas Line - High-Impact Composite Body - Multiple Picatinny Rails - High-Performance Ported Barrel - and MORE!

If you are looking for a full package, then this Tippmann Cronus set is likely to be a good choice. You have the choice between the Cronus basic and the Cronus tactical, in which there are a few differences.

The Tactical isn’t actually that much more practical, but it does have some things that make it better than the basic. It comes with three main modifications – a carry handle on top of the gun, a mock silencer and an adjustable stock at the back of the gun. For effectiveness this doesn’t make much of a difference, but it definitely looks and feels a lot cooler.

For you’re money, you get everything that you need to play paintball. You get a 200 round capacity loader/hopper, which is the standard for paintball guns. You get a decent quality paintball mask, which on it’s own can cost around $30 or $40 bucks. This is one of the advantages of purchasing a full set – you get quite a lot for your money.

Depending on the set that you buy, you can actually get it including paintball pods and a harness for you to store your paintballs. If you’re looking for more than just a gun and you want the complete package, then the Cronus is an awesome gun for beginners to use.

Empire Axe Marker

Empire Axe Paintball Marker (Polished Black/Sunset)
  • Patented Proprietary Slipstream Solenoid Allows For Fast Firing
  • Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF Lever Makes Tank Removal a Breeze
  • Multiple Adjustable Firing Modes (Semi, PSP Ramping, NXL, & Millennium Ramping)

Empire generally run a little more expensive than Tippmann and Kingman brands, but they’re still one of the most popular brands available. This is probably a testament to the stylish finish of the brand, because they’re definitely some of the most attractive budget paintball guns.

If you’re looking for a variety of different cool color schemes, then the Empire Axe has that. There’s a few different colors for you to choose from, which are some of the sleekest designs available. But, it’s not all just about the appearance when considering Empire markers.

The Axe is a little more expensive than other guns that I’ve included here. This is because essentially, it’s a better gun. You’re going to get less jams, a faster firing rate, minimal recoil and a whole lot of fun. If you’re looking to be taken seriously when you’re paintballing, then this would be a good choice.

If you find the Axe too big or you prefer smaller guns, then you have the option to look at the Mini Axe as well. It’s essentially exactly the same gun, just with a slightly smaller frame.

Tippmann TMC

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker
  • Tippmann's latest MagFed Extremely Authentic Milsim Styled Tactical Paintball Marker
  • THE MOST REALISTIC MILSIM SCENARIO PAINTBALL GUN ON THE FIELD! Dual feed option: Go MagFed or Traditional Loader and Get the Best of Both Worlds in One Awesome Package! Perfect for Close Quarter Battles, Tactical Games, Woodsball, Etc! High Performance, Low Maintenance, Reliable, Fully Pnuematic, and Extremely Authentic Milsim Tactical Paintball Marker!
  • TIPPMANN TMC MAGFED .68 CALIBER SCENARIO PAINTBALL MARKER - Semi-Automatic - Adjustable from 250-325 FPS - Includes (2) 20 Round Spring Driven Magazines - Dual Feed Option: Hopper or Magfed Design - 12" High Performance Barrel - Internal Stainless Steel Gas Line - Front and Rear Adjustable Sights - Built-in Picatinny Rails

The Tippmann TMC is one of the only options at a cheaper price that you have the choice of either Magazine Fed or hopper fed paintballs. This means that if you don’t like a big hopper being in the way whilst you’re firing, you also have the choice of magazines instead.

The design of the TMC is awesome – it has high quality grip and the materials itself are made to a good standard. Whilst it does have iron sights, anyone who’s played paintball in the past will be aware that these aren’t really beneficial to playing paintball as your mask will usually get in the way.

In terms of authenticity, this really looks and feels the part. It’s pretty heavy for a paintball gun, which is something to be aware. There are other guns that are more lightweight and suitable for young kids, if that;s what you’re looking for. But overall, the Tippmann TMC is another good choice of paintball gun.

Azodin Kaos

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If you’re not bothered by name brands like Tippmann and you want a budget conscious paintball gun, then the Kaos is a great starter paintball gun to choose. The Kaos is generally available at under $100 (gun only), which makes it a good place to start if you’re new to the sport completely.

The idea of the Kaos is that it offers a high quality shooting experience though the gun itself is relatively basic and simple. It isn’t flashy, and it isn’t a gun that you’d go and brag to your friends about how cool it looks. But in terms of usability, it can actually match guns that are (supposedly) much it’s superior.

Whilst it isn’t an automatic paintball gun, you can fire relatively fast with it. The design itself is awesome, which makes it another decent option if you’re looking for a paintball gun within a decent price range.

Tippmann 98C

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The Tippmann 98 Custom is another option for a decent entry level paintball gun. If you’re after a semi automatic market, then this one may be a decent enough choice.

Why would this one come so highly recommended? Well, it’s perfectly suited to those who really love customization of their own gun. It has a tactical rail along the top of the gun, which enables you to add pretty much whatever you want to it. Scopes, sights and carry handles are easily added to the top of this gun to customize it as you wish.

You can look at the TMC and the Tippmann A5, but generally they run at a more expensive price that this one. For smaller budgets, the 98C is an awesome choice.

Spyder (Kingman) MR100

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
  • Military Style Paintball Marker
  • Air Efficient EKO Valve System (Patent Pending) shoots up to 1500 shots from a 20 oz CO2 tank -
  • High Impact Polymer Clamping Feedneck - Two Finger Trigger - Matte Anodized Finish - Aluminum Side Picatinny Rail Mounting System

The Spyder MR series are the most popular that Kingman have had to offer, and they’ve been some of the most popular paintball guns available for a while now. The MR100 is faster firing than the Cronus and other paintball guns, but in my opinion, it isn’t quite as stylish. This is a trade off that you might have to make and decide between – stylishness and firing power.

The MR100 is a decent quality paintball marker, especially when you consider it’s low price point. It’s a good starting point for any beginner, primarily because of it’s pretty durable construction. If you’re looking for a paintball gun that’s going to last, then the MR100 is going to be a good choice. There aren’t many other paintball guns out there for it’s price that are as fast firing, which is down to it’s patented air valve system, which pushes paintballs through quickly.

This is another good choice for the beginning paintballer, and you’ll find it in a few different options online.

Best Paintball Pistol

If you already have your paintball gun ready, then you might be looking at getting a paintball pistol. Generally, pistols are made for those who take their paintball pretty seriously and are looking for a backup weapon to their main paintball gun. However, they can provide a good option in their own right, and there’s a couple of paintball pistols that I prefer to other options out there.

Tippman TipX

Tippmann TiPX Mag Fed Paintball Gun
  • Lightweight, compact paintball gun with easy-to-maintain design, 2 Tru-Feed straight stack magazines with low-tension spring systems
  • External velocity adjuster; 8 bps feed rate; 0. 68 caliber, Include maintenance kit and deluxe carrying case; weighs 1 pound 11 ounces

If you’re after a high quality paintball pistol, then it’s worth looking at the Tippman TipX as your first choice. A main advantage of getting a pistol is that they’re easy to use and lightweight – the TipX is around 1 and a half lbs in weight, which you can easily carry around with you and keep holstered if necessary.

One of the main concerns with paintball pistols is that you’re not going to have enough ammunition. Fortunately with the TipX, you’ll get 3 mag, all capable of 7 rounds each. Plus, it’s easy to reload a new mag into the gun, which means you’ll have 21 shots before having to refill. This makes the TipX the perfect backup in my opinion and my favorite paintball pistol.

Another good thing about the TipX is that you can easily adjust the velocity depending on what you’re looking for and what kind of distances you’ll be using it at. Overall, it’s my favorite paintball pistol and definitely one of the very best on the market.

JT ER2 Paintball Pistol

JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol Kit - Smoke
  • .68 caliber paintball pistol
  • 5 12gram CO2 Cartridges
  • 50 Paintballs

If you’re just starting to get into paintball and you don’t want to spend too much cash, then you’re probably better off going for something a little cheaper. One of the cheapest paintball pistols that’s currently available is the JT ER2 , and for it’s price, it’s definitely a good option.

You’ll get a surprisingly accurate budget paintball pistol that will work great from 30 odd yards (which is pretty good for a cheap paintball pistol). Any further than this and you might start to struggle a little and you’d be better off with a regular paintball gun. The ER2 will come with some paintballs, some pods to get firing with and some CO2 cartridges. For the price, it makes an excellent entry level option to paintballing.

Paintball Gun Buying Guide

When you’re buying your first paintball gun, it can be a little bit intimidating. Not knowing the ins and outs of exactly what you need can be daunting, so it’s worth doing some proper research online before you make a purchase. Here’s a few of the questions that I had when I first started paintballing.

How much does a good paintball gun cost?

The word ‘good’ is definitely subjective, and a lot of your paintball gun purchase will depend on what you need. If you want the bare minimum, then you need to be looking at around $100 for a decent enough paintball gun. However, if you up your budget to $200 or $300 dollars, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the increase in build quality and ability.

Why would you want to buy a paintball gun?

The main reason that people buy paintball guns is to avoid renting them from their local paintball place. Depending on where you are, this will usually cost around $10-20, but sometimes more than this. That means that if you go there a few times, then you’re going to save money in the long run. Obviously, it’s not advisable to use your paintball gun outside of a paintball arena.

How often do I need to be playing paintball to make buying my own paintball gun worthwhile?

Some people just like to own their own equipment, whether that be because of a fear of breaking rented equipment or just preference. However to really make it worth purchasing a paintball gun, you need to be playing at least a few times per year, and preferably more than that to really maximize it’s value. If you’re playing every 1-2 months, then it’s definitely going to be worth getting your own paintball gun.

How much do paintball guns weigh?

Paintball guns can vary quite a bit in weight, and although you might not think 1-2 lbs will make a big difference, it will if you’re going to be playing for a few hours. The majority of paintball guns will weigh around 5lbs, but you can find lightweight options that weigh as little as 2-3lbs.

Paintball Equipment Full Rundown

When you’re buying a paintball gun, you’re going to need more than just the gun itself. There’s much more to paintball than just the gun, so it’s undoubtedly worth looking at what other equipment you’re going to need if you’re playing paintball.

Paintball Hoppers

The hopper, sometimes referred to as a loader, is essentially where your paintballs are stored. The majority of hoppers will hold around 200 paintballs, though you can find some smaller than this. For cheaper guns, the hoppers are going to be ‘gravity effective’, which means that the paintballs fall down into the gun. More expensive hoppers can do this electronically to ensure continuous firing, especially at higher prices.

What about Paintball Tanks?

Paintball tanks are one of the most important parts of your paintball gun. They’re generally divided into two different types; HPA tanks and CO2 tanks.

CO2 tanks

CO2 tanks are the typical tank that the majority of cheaper paintball guns will come with. They’re the original way paintball guns have been used, and they’re great because they’re typically low maintenance and easy to refill. Whilst they don’t have the same accuracy as a HPA tank, they’re definitely still a good choice for beginners.

High Pressure Air Tanks

Although CO2 tanks have historically been a lot more popular than CO2 tanks, this is becoming less and less the case. This is particularly true in recent years, with HPA tanks becoming increasingly popular.

HPA tanks are a good idea, though they are usually more expensive than CO2 tanks. It can also be more difficult to get them refilled, but most paintball centers nowadays have the ability to refill HPA tanks. They’re also typically bulkier than CO2 tanks, which can cause obstruction in your firing line.

Paintball Masks

A good paintball mask is underrated. If you’ve ever been to play paintball before, then you’ll know one of the most annoying things that can happen is your mask getting filled with your own breath. Seeing through a misty mask is near impossible, so ideally you’ll want to get a mask that separates your eyes and mouth if possible.

Paintball Ammo

What good is a paintball gun without paintballs themselves? Along with a gun you might want to consider getting some paintball ammo. The general price for paintball ammo online is around $20 for 1000 paintballs (you can usually find this pretty easily on Amazon). But bear in mind that if you’re playing paintball at a venue, then they might not allow you to use their own paintballs (and they’ll likely charge you a ton, too).

Paintball Gun Accessories

Another of the best things about using a customizable paintball gun is the different accessories that you can choose to add to it. You can easily find different things like customizable grips, carry handles and an abundance of different scopes online to use.


These are just some of the best paintball guns out there. There are a ton more, and if you want to increase your budget, then you’re going to get a much larger selection of guns to choose from. Much of your choice will come down to whether you’re a beginner or you’re looking for something more advanced, and how much you’re willing to invest in a paintball gun. You don’t need to spend a ton of my to get started with getting your own equipment, and as long as you’ve got the essentials listed above, then you should be good to go.

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