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Why Is My Computer So Slow? – 5 Things To Check

We’ve all been there: you need to hand in work within the next hour, but your computer is slow that you start to wonder whether the history of technology museum will accept it as a donation. It doesn’t help that even a simple reboot will take another ten minutes at least. The browser crashes, your

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Refurbished vs New Laptops | Are New Ones Worth The Cost?

So, you’ve chosen to purchase a laptop. While browsing, you come across the laptop you are keen to get, but it is refurbished. Should you buy it? What are the risks, the benefits, and your other options? Can it be as good as a new laptop? In this article, we’ll take a close look to

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Alienware vs MSI – Which is the best gaming laptop? [2020]

For anyone who takes their PC games seriously, choosing their next computer is a decision of great importance. They must consider the basics: RAM, hard drive space, graphics card and processing speed. They must also consider the finer points, too: design, brand, laptop or desktop, and of course, cost. Every gamer has their own preferences.

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