How to Play Capture the Flag Laser Tag

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Capture the Flag is one of the oldest games that’s commonly played by kids worldwide. Whilst it isn’t necessarily associated with laser tag, there are ways that you can integrate the two together. Playing Capture the Flag Laser Tag is relatively straightforward. I’m going to show you how to play CTF so you can easily enjoy it with your family.

How to play Capture the Flag Laser Tag

Capture the flag laser tag is all about teamwork and strategy. When you play capture the flag there’s no clear winner until you have captured that enemy teams’ case or other type of container (the case has changed on different versions of CTF). The first team to get their opponents “flag” back to their capital wins and will receive bragging rights for at least another month or so 😉 . But enough already about how this game works, I’m sure you’d like to know how

What you’ll need;

  • You’ll need a minimum of four players – Playing CTF with only 2 people is just no fun – you’ll need a minimum of four people to play capture the flag successfully. Though in reality, Capture the Flag will actually be a lot more fun the more people that you have playing it. With the majority of laser tag sets, you have the ability to play with as many people as you desire as they are easy to use with other laser tag sets.
  • Enough room to play the game properly – Capture the Flag needs a really large amount of space to play in. Unless you have a huge garden, then you’re undoubtedly better off going to your local park to play CTF.
  • Two ‘flags’ that are different colors – Although it’s called capture the flag, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a flag that you’re trying to capture. It can be anything you want it to be, as long as you can differentiate the two objects from each other.

There are additional things that you might need to play CTF laser tag, but you don’t necessarily have to have them Things like a referee are a good thing to make sure that the game is fair, but you don’t have to have a referee to play CTF.

How to Play Capture the Flag

Place the Flags at Opposite Ends of the Field

Wherever you’re playing, you need to distance the flags far away from each other. Ideally this will be more than 100m from each other, and they definitely shouldn’t be visible to the opposing team at the start of the game. The aim is to try and get your opposing teams flag, so it can be a good idea to try and make sure they’re not visible to your opponent.

You can’t, however, hide your flag so that it’s invisible. If this opposition gets within the radius of your flag, then need to be able to see it.

Start within 10 feet of your flag

You can’t start wherever you want on the field. Each team has to start within a few meters from their flag to ensure that there’s no cheating or any advantage that can be had over the other team.

Signal to the other team you’re ready

In the old days, it was advised to use a loud whistle to let the other team know that you’re ready to start playing. Nowadays, you can just text or message the other team to let them know that you’re ready.

Agree on the amount of lives

You need to agree on the amount of lives that each team has before you start playing capture the flag. Once you lose all of your lives, you’re out! So it pays to be conservative whilst you’re playing CTF.

Capture the Flag!

The aim of the game is to get your opponents flag and return it to your own base. Of course in this time, you have to avoid getting shot by your opponent and losing all your lives. The first team to get the flag back to their base, wins.

How to Make Capture the Flag more fun

There are a few things that you can do to make capture the flag a little more fun.

  • Increase the amount of games – If you’re playing within a small environment, then CTF games can be pretty short. Having a best of 3 or 5 can be a good way to give both teams a chance to win!
  • Find more players – It’s definitely more fun playing CTF with a larger group of people – the more, the merrier!
  • 4 way Capture the Flag – If you can manage to get enough people to play, then you can play 4 way CTF. This makes it a more open game, as sometimes you’ll have to completely abandon your base to get to your opponents.

Are there are Capture the Flag Laser Tag Sets for Sale?

One of the easiest ways to play capture the flag laser tag is by getting a laser tag set that actually features a complete capture the flag part. Currently, the only one of these sets on the market is made by Dynasty Laser Tag. They have a full set with a Capture the Flag additional part that you can play with. It’s a cool idea if you’re looking for a fun activity to play with the kids.

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I’ve used the Dynasty Laser Tag set myself (though I don’t have the CTF set) and can attest that they’re one of the better laser tag set creators currently available. There isn’t an abundance of others available (apart from the Armogear Laser Tag Set).


Overall, whether you’re looking to create your own laser tag game or you want to purchase one ready made, you have the option to do either. They’re both viable options, but you don’t necessarily have to purchase anything extra to play Capture the Flag with your laser lag guns – you can do this yourself by making your own Capture the Flag game.

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