Can You Use a Keyboard and Mouse on PS5?

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You may be wondering ‘Can you use a keyboard and mouse on PS5’. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a keyboard and mouse on a PS5. You should first make sure that the keyboard and mouse you plan to use fit in the USB ports. Do not use PS/2 cables as these will not work with the new console. Once the PS5 recognizes your keyboard and mouse you can configure them in the PS5’s Settings. Wireless keyboards and mice are currently not supported by PS5 yet.

Disadvantages of using a keyboard and mouse on a PS5

There are some advantages to using a keyboard and mouse on a PlayStation 5. For one it allows you to type faster and respond faster to chat messages. If you’re a competitive gamer you’ll be glad to hear that using a keyboard and mouse gives you an edge when competing with other players. In most shooter games the mouse is more accurate so you only need to point and click to get a good shot. However you might be banned from competitions if you don’t use a keyboard and mouse.

While using a keyboard and mouse can improve your gaming experience you’ll have to practice a lot to get good at it. The keyboard has so many keys and the controls vary based on the game. In addition you’ll have to learn how to control two devices simultaneously. And because the controls change from game to game you may even end up forgetting how to control them.

Using a Bluetooth keyboard

The PlayStation 5 is compatible with Bluetooth keyboard and mice. You must set up each device for pairing before you use it. If you are using a Logitech G915 TKL it won’t work with PS5. But if you use an Apple keyboard or an iMac you can connect them with the PlayStation 5.

Wireless keyboards and mice look and feel just like the wired variety but are connected to the PS5 through a USB transmitter. They are therefore recognized by the PS5 after a few seconds. Then you can customize your setup to use the keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth keyboards and mice are also compatible with PlayStation 5’s built-in microphone. And if you’re not a gamer you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to browse the internet or watch TV shows.

The PlayStation 5 has a USB port on the back and two on the front. You can use a wired or wireless keyboard or mouse to play on your PS5. Just plug the USB cable into the console and select the Bluetooth option. If the USB connection is not compatible you can unplug the keyboard and mouse and restart the console. If the USB connection is not working you should try a different USB port. Sony should take care of the problem but if it isn’t try plugging the keyboard and mouse into a USB port.

Using a dedicated gaming mouse or keyboard

While PlayStation 5 ships with a controller it’s still preferable to use a keyboard or mouse. While the DualSense controller is great for gaming it can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Using a gaming keyboard and mouse will allow you to navigate your dashboard and media apps much easier. You can also type text messages with a keyboard. While the PS5 has not confirmed which games will be compatible with a keyboard and mouse a gaming mouse and keyboard will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Because there are no USB ports on the PS5 you need to use Bluetooth to connect a gaming mouse or keyboard. Luckily PS5 supports a wide range of wireless and wired keyboards and mice. Using a wired keyboard with a PS5 is the easiest option but if you don’t want to use a wired one you can connect your PS5 to a USB hub instead. Wireless keyboards and mice are also supported and can be paired via Bluetooth.

Using a wireless gaming mouse or keyboard

When using a wireless gaming mouse or keyboard on the PlayStation 5 you can connect both through Bluetooth. The PS5 has no USB ports available for external peripherals so pairing a wireless mouse or keyboard with the console is the only option. To pair your wireless peripherals with your PS5 go to the Settings menu and choose Bluetooth Accessories. Once paired the PS5 will recognize your wireless gaming peripherals automatically.

If the PS5 does not recognize the keyboard or mouse you can try resetting the device. You may need to wait longer for the wireless gaming mouse or keyboard to register. If that does not work you can always unplug the device and restart the PS5 to see if it connects. However you should note that not all games on the PS5 support wireless gaming mouse or keyboards. This is because PS5 peripheral support is not native. The developers should add support for wireless peripherals.

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