Call of Duty: Black Ops II Witherhoard Catalyst

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The Witherhoard catalyst turns your Witherhoar grenade launcher into an ultra-powerful peak weapon allowing you to melt even the toughest bosses. Whether you are on the hunt for a better weapon for your team or you simply want to have a unique weapon that is unobtainable for your character’s current build the Witherhoard catalyst can turn any gun into a top-tier weapon in no time.

Silent Alarm perk increases Witherhoard’s handling

The Witherhoard Catalyst is an exotic grenade launcher with two major benefits. Its Silent Alarm perk increases the weapon’s Handling and also reloads it automatically while holstered. This perk is available at the Witherhoard Catalyst upgrade. However before you can get the weapon you must have at least 400 kills with the Witherhoard Exotic grenade launcher.

The Witherhoard can fire long arcs of energy which blight the target and surrounding areas. It also has a ‘break the bank’ trait which damages targets over time and blights the area around them when they die. When holstered this weapon automatically reloads itself increasing its utility in PvP.

While Witherhoard has the ability to deal huge amounts of damage it is most useful in PvE. The grenade launcher’s high damage over time makes it very difficult to dodge. It also allows you to sprinkle the ground around enemies and they’ll walk through the pools of damage as they try to escape. While this can be useful in PvP it can also be irritating when facing a 6 stack team.

It reloads the Grenade Launcher after it’s been holstered

The MGL-32 is a weapon found in Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s Multiplayer mode. This weapon consists of 12 grenades that explode upon contact with any surface. It is a useful weapon for larger groups of enemies and can be holstered without losing any ammo. This weapon can be loaded onto the rifle so that players do not have to constantly reload it after every use.

While the Grenade Launcher is a good choice for PVE it isn’t as great as a machine gun. Machine guns may not be as effective as grenades but they still have a decent chance of clearing ads. However they’re not as effective against elemental shields. Until the grenade launcher was tweaked it was a great weapon for PVE.

It increases Witherhoard’s damage

The Witherhoard is a versatile dual-purpose weapon that increases your damage and utility. The projectiles emitted by the Witherhoard are very effective in dealing with high damage and blighting the target. The weapon also has a Silent Alarm perk that automatically reloads when holstered making it a great choice for high-damage situations.

Witherhoard is a 90-rpm kinetic grenade launcher that you can pick up from the Monument to Lost Light in the tower. To obtain the weapon you need to have an ascendant shard 100000 glimmers an exotic cipher and 150 Glacial Starwort. Once you have these items you can craft the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher. The Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher also has Primeval’s Torment and Break the Bank traits. Using both weapons in PvP will leave plenty of room for other weapons which is why you should use both the Witherhoard and the Mountaintop.

After you have obtained the Witherhoard the next quest is to pick up 300 filthy lint. It can be purchased from an Exotic Kiosk in the Tower near the Vault. To obtain the Exotic Cipher you will need to own a Season Pass. During this time you can also pick up Xur a legendary NPC. Subscribe to his location guide and hit the notifications bell!

It’s meta to masterwork the exotic

If you have completed The Bank Job questline and have the Witherhoard catalyst you can get a rare weapon that does a lot of damage over time. To masterwork this exotic you need to kill 400 guardians with a grenade launcher. There are four parts to this quest and completing them will unlock the Witherhoard. The first part is completing a quest given by banshee-44 located inside a tower. This quest gives you the ability to collect Lucre. Once you have completed the quest the Witherhoard will automatically reload while holstered.

The next section of the quest lists the different Exotic Catalysts. As of Season of the Lost you cannot Masterwork an Exotic weapon without having a Catalyst slot. The Exotic Weapons listed below can be upgraded with these Catalysts which give your weapon different stats and perks. When you master the exotic witherhoard catalyst you’ll have access to a new perk and perks that will make your exotic weapon more powerful.

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