Bosch vs Makita – Which brand is best?

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If you’re trying to decide between two brands, then things can be a little difficult when it comes to cordless power tools. The majority of the time the best thing to do is to look at the model of the product itself as opposed to the brand, as this can give you a better idea of whether that specific model is going to be good for you.

However, there are some occasions where you might want to look at what brand you’re going to opt for. What brand you choose will have an impact on certain things – for example, some brands are undoubtedly more reliable that others, and some definitely have better customer service.

Two of the most popular brands for drills and other DIY tools are Bosch and Makita. If you’re debating on which of these brands to get, then we’re going to look at some of their most popular models and compare them, as well as giving my own personal opinion on the two brands.

Bosch vs Makita

Bosch is one of the oldest brands within the construction industry, with the company originating in the late 1800s. This doesn’t mean that you should overlook Makita for this fact – they’re also over 100 years old, so there’s little between them in terms of prestige. As you probably already know, Bosch originates in Germany whilst Makita is a Japanese brand. But, enough about the brand history – how do these brands compare to each other in terms of performance?

Well, not necessarily. I’ve owned a variety of products from both brands, and although they’re similar, there are a few differences between them that might sway your decision either way. Much of this is based on drills that I’ve owned from both brands, but I’ve also owned other Bosch and Makita products too.

Bosch Pros and Cons

Bosch drills are some of the most well known and highly regarded drills available in the market today. Bosch has been manufacturing quality power tools since 1886, and it is still doing so with sure-footed precision today.

Bosch drills are known for their high performance and durability standards which is why Bosch is the only name you will ever need to know when buying a drill that can hang around with you for an extended amount of time – five-seven years or more. And when it comes to Bosch power tools in general, they not only manufacture powerful and durable construction drills, but a whole array of different cordless and corded power tools.

They tend to make rotary hammers but also produces other products such as trowels, air compressors, hand tools, etc. Bosch products are currently sold in over 100 countries worldwide , which speaks volumes about the global brand’s popularity and acceptance in the industry.


If you’re thinking about getting a Bosch product, then it’s worth weighing up the positives and negatives of the brand itself. Though not all Bosch tools are the same, there are some general similarities across their product lines that’s worth noting down.


  • Design – Personally, I prefer the way that Bosch drills are made – from an exterior perspective, they tend to last quite a bit longer than other brands that I’ve used.
  • Typically cheaper- One of the good things about Bosch products is that you can usually find them on a decent sale. If you’re not in a rush to buy a product, then it’s undoubtedly worth waiting to see if you can find it on sale at some point.
  • Storage – Usually, Bosch pay much more attention to their casing than other brands, especially Makita.


  • Battery Life – OThe worst thing about the Bosch drill that I (used to) use is that it had a significantly lower battery life in comparison to my Makita and my Dewalt drill (I’ve also compared Bosch and Dewalt, if you want to check that out). Battery life is one of the most important aspects of a drill or power tool, so having a lower battery life puts it at a significant disadvantage for me.
  • Mid range quality – They are great value for the price, but if you have a bigger budget then you can find laser tag guns of a higher quality out there.

Makita Pros and Cons

Makita drills are less known in the market compared to their power tools. Makita drills have been producing ordinary and cordless rotary drill for decades, but their drills have progressed a lot in performance as well as safety since Makita’s introduction of their drills into the market.


Makita cordless power tools have becoming increasingly popular over the past decade, and they’re now one of the better known power tool brands. Though, like Bosch, they do have their pros and cons too.


  • Spiders – One of the main reasons that I like my Makita drill so much is that it has a long cord option. This makes it ideal for using when you’re doing work outside, as you need to worry less about the cord being too short.
  • Battery – My cordless Makita power tools tend to have the best battery life out of any of the brands that I’ve used – and I’ve used quite a few different ones down the years. If battery life is essential for you, then Makita is definitely the brand to opt for.
  • Standing the test of time – I bought my first Makita years and years ago, maybe even a decade ago. And guess what? It’s still going! So if you want something that’s going to last, then opting for Makita is a wise idea.


  • Expensive- Generally, one of the main things I don’t like about Makita is that their products can be really, really expensive. If you’re trying to find deals on Makita products, then their few and far between and you might just have to bite the bullet and pay full price for one.
  • Mid range quality – TI don’t even have the case that my old Makita drill came in anymore, but when I did have it, I wasn’t particularly impressed. It wasn’t of the best quality, especially in comparison to Bosch.


All in all, both of these brands are very similar in the way they’re made and their effectiveness. I’ve probably got some bias, because I’ve decided to opt for a majority of Makita products nowadays, especially for power tools. I still have some Bosch products too – I like their laser levels better than other brands – but for the most part, I’m sticking with Makita from now on.

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