Bluetooth vs Wifi Speakers – Which should you choose?

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When you’re looking for a set of speakers, then the technology that they use to play music is definitely important. And when it comes to using a wireless method to connect the two together, then there’s two different technologies which are the most used.

Both Bluetooth and wifi speakers are popular when it comes to playing music without having to worry about cables and connecting the two. Many devices have the capabilities for you to use both of these different methods too.

But what are the differences between Bluetooth and wifi speakers? And if you’re looking at both variations, which one of them is better? Well, here’s how these speakers are similar and different to one another.

Bluetooth vs Wifi Speakers

Generally, the main difference between these two types of speakers is that Bluetooth is often the better choice if you’re looking for a portable speaker. However if you’re looking for a speaker to be used within your household, then opting for a wifi speaker is going to be the better idea.

Bluetooth speakers can be the better of the two for most people, although the sound quality may be an issue if you opt for a cheap pair. If you’re searching for portable speakers, then Bluetooth is going to be your best bet. Many Wi-Fi speakers won’t have the ability to be used when you’re outside of the home, though they may have a better audio quality if you’re looking to stream music often.

This is just the short explanation of which method is going to prove to be the better option depending on what you’re looking for. But why is one better for something than the other? Well, we’re going to need to dig a little deeper into both Bluetooth speakers and wifi speakers to find out why they’re suited to each task.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are great for those looking to make a direct link between the speakers and their own Bluetooth device. This could be anything, with the most common options being a smartphone or a laptop.

Generally, many people opt for a Bluetooth speaker when they’re looking for something that they can carry around with them. There are many good examples of Bluetooth speakers out there, with there being more models released all the time. Check out the best Bluetooth speakers here.


  • One of the main pros of using Bluetooth instead of using a wifi connection is that you can use Bluetooth pretty much anywhere you go. With wifi, you need to be nearby a wifi network to connect too. So, Bluetooth is the much better portable option for those of us looking for a way to connect to another phone.
  • The majority of us has devices that have Bluetooth built into them, which means that you can use it with most of your tech around the house. Modern laptops, smartphones and tablets all tend to have Bluetooth built into them.
  • Bluetooth features on a set of speakers have been around for a while now, and they’re very simple to use. Wifi can be a little more complicated, having to connect to a network with an SSID etc.


  • Although the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers has definitely improved in recent years, it still isn’t going to be on par with the sound quality you can get with a wifi connection.
  • Generally, because Bluetooth speakers don’t have the same bandwidth as wifi speakers, you won’t be able to use them with a lot of volume – they’re the quieter of the two.
  • You can’t use Bluetooth speakers with the same range as you can with a set of wifi speakers. Whilst many Bluetooth speakers only work to 5-10m distance from the speaker, wifi is generally capable of travelling a bit further than this.

Wifi Speakers

Essentially, wifi speakers or wireless speakers are becoming more and more common nowadays. They can give you a completely wireless way for you to connect to them, and they’re often used for speakers that are going to be in awkward positions – ceiling speakers, for example.

They’re also a pretty popular choice if you’re looking to get a complete surround sound system or home system put in. In most cases, they’ll still need to connect to the amp, but they can do so wirelessly instead of being wired. For those wondering, yes – wired speakers are still the best option if you want optimum audio quality, but many people are willing to forgo this minimal difference in quality for much more convenience.

With a set of wifi speakers, all you need to do is connect to the main wifi system in your home for you to start using them. This is just one reason why people like them, as it’s one a one-to-one connection between the two – you’re connecting them to a whole network of different devices connected to your wifi hub.


  • The main advantage of using a wifi connection over using a Bluetooth connections is that it can produce better quality audio in comparison to a set of Bluetooth speakers. This is because wifi connection has more bandwidth than a Bluetooth connection.
  • Another advantage of wifi speakers is that a lot of them have inbuilt functions to make them work well with certain devices, like Apple’s Airplay. This makes it very easy for you to connect the two devices together.
  • Wifi tends to be the most obvious choice for those that are looking to create their own multi room set up with several different speakers working together.
  • You can also connect multiple devices to one speaker over a wifi connection much easier than you can via Bluetooth, although this is becoming more frequent nowadays.


  • With wifi speakers, you’re always going to need a wifi connection to be able to use with your speaker. This is one of the reasons why wifi speakers are made for the home, whereas Bluetooth speakers can be used pretty much anywhere.
  • Generally, wifi speakers can actually be pretty expensive, whereas most Bluetooth speakers tend to be on the cheaper end of the scale.
  • Sometimes with wifi, you might end up encountering issues with your bandwidth, which can affect how you connect to your speakers.


All in all, both Bluetooth speakers and wifi speakers both have their place in the modern world. Many of us nowadays are turning to wifi speakers within our homes to provide us with music, but not only this – they’re being increasingly used as smart home devices as well.

In comparison to this, for the foreseeable future Bluetooth is going to the the most used option for those looking to use a speaker portably. It’s ease of use and ability to be easily integrated into modern devices make it the obvious choice for those looking for something they can take with them anywhere and connect to it with their phone at any time.

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