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While you may have already installed Discord the Better Discord installer will make it even more useful. You don’t have to be an advanced Discord user to enjoy the new features of this new version. Simply follow the steps below to download and install the app. You’ll find that the process is quick and easy and the process is accompanied by a changelog and patch notes. This new version of Discord adds more customization options to the popular chat application. These options are accessible via the new User Settings.


You’ll need MessageLoggerV2 for a good Discord installation if you want to see deleted messages. This client-side application records issues with Discord servers as well as edits to messages. Using MessageLoggerV2 you can view deleted messages whether you’re online or offline. But first you’ll need to enable the plugin. Here’s how.

ReadAllNotificationsButton gives the notification button a professional look and adds more features. It lets you see all notifications including deleted messages. GameActivityToggle is a useful plugin for controlling your game activity. By setting it to off you can avoid sending or receiving messages that are private. MessageLoggerV2 also helps you view deleted messages and edit ghost pings.

Black home theme

If you’re looking for a theme that will keep your voice chats looking crisp and clean consider installing the new Nihilism theme. This beautiful black home theme comes with a dark mode and is great for calming the user’s mind. It also has a neat design and plenty of customization options so you can change it as you see fit. This theme was inspired by the famous Opera GX browser.

If you’d like to install a theme for your desktop version of Discord try downloading BetterDiscord. While the Discord mobile app does offer themes they’re not nearly as customizable. Moreover you’ll have to choose a theme from the list of available themes. For Android users there’s Aliucord which isn’t as popular as BetterDiscord. Regardless of the platform it’s important to remember that BetterDiscord allows users to use custom themes and customize their home screens.

Custom CSS

To customize the look of the website version of the Discord app you can install a stylish plugin for your browser. This browser plugin adds everything you want to the website version of Discord. BetterDiscord also comes with a custom CSS editor. However if you don’t want to change the overall look of the app you can choose a different plugin. Here are some of the most common ways to customize the website version of Discord:

BetterDiscord lets you download multiple CSS theme files and copy them to the themes library. The BetterDiscord theme generator enables you to choose custom themes and write your own CSS code. The BetterDiscord theme generator is available on its GitHub repository and even includes a video tutorial. If you don’t feel confident enough to create a custom theme you can use the Betterdiscord website.

Minimal mode

If you have downloaded Better Discord but you are having trouble opening the app it is probably due to a problem with the background images. There are several solutions for this problem and if you have not tried these methods they should work. The first way to fix this problem is by installing a theme or plugin. If these don’t work you can try disabling the theme and restarting your PC.

Another option is to install BetterDiscord a lightweight application that enhances the Discord application. This application includes a variety of cool themes custom CSS and a number of helpful plugins. It also includes an optional interface for adding customized add-ons to the application. BetterDiscord is an ideal solution for those who want to customize the look and feel of the app to suit their needs.


You can install a new version of BandagedBD better Discord from its Github page. The download is available for both Windows and Mac. After downloading the installer agree to its terms and conditions and choose the Windows installer. When the installer starts you’ll have to select ‘repair on stable’. After that you should choose the problems you’re experiencing and click ‘repair’. Once done your installation of BandagedBD will be updated to the latest version.

Another problem you might have with Better Discord is that it doesn’t launch properly after installation. This issue is usually caused by some minor programming errors. When you install the application there could be an error. If this happens you can close it and re-install the software. If you don’t see any errors you can also try the Log Out method. But this only fixes the symptom of the problem. If the installation continues to fail try restarting your PC and signing in again using the same Discord account.

Plugins for Better Discord

Plugins for Better Discord can be installed directly from the client. However you should note that there are limitations and some plugins will not work on all systems. You can try the Server Folders option before implementing it. These plugins will help you customize the look of your Discord server. If you want to modify the look of your Discord you can download themes and plugins for better Discord. Then you can install them to make it more attractive to your members.

You can also use Google Translate Option Plugin to translate all incoming and outgoing messages. Just like Google Translator this plugin will allow you to translate a message and reply in your native language. Better Discord also allows you to delete a server and add any number of plugins for it. While the Better Discord server is similar to the older version this one offers more customization options. It also offers a huge variety of custom themes for it.

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